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Will DVD+R Media work on my Superdrive?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by wowoah, Sep 19, 2003.

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    Basically what the subject line says. I have a Superdrive on my TiBook and I want to know if DVD+R media will work on it, or only DVD-R media?

  2. acj
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    tried it. Nope. Won't work.
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    Do you have problem reading signs? The specs for apple's super drive, tower or pb, strictly says DVD-R. If you could burn DVD+R on apple's super drive, it would've been a dual format drive, which allow apple to jack up the price on the so called super drive to even more outrageous realm.
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    whoa there fuzzyballz, calm dwon, its a simple question...lol
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    There is a firmware upgrade that you can find on the net that will let you read a DVD+R (not write). It's the same one that boosts DVD-R burning to 2X, CD-R to 16x, add DVD-RW burning, and void your warrenty :)
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    Warranties are for whiners. :D Actually I am about to apply the firmware update, if it fries my drive, I am ok with that, My fault. But if my Mobo dies 12 months from now, and the don't honor Applecare, I'll be pissed...

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