Will.i.am to Launch 14 Megapixel Camera Add-on for iPhone

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    Telegraph reports that Black Eyed Peas star Will.i.am will be launching an iPhone accessory next week that promises to boost your iPhone's camera significantly.
    Few details are offered, but it is described as interfacing to the iPhone through the dock-connector and has its own camera and flash hardware.

    Article Link: Will.i.am to Launch 14 Megapixel Camera Add-on for iPhone
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    I haven't heard anyone complaining that the iPhone needs more megapixels... seems 100% useless.
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    i doubt it will be useful
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    Pics or it didn't happen.

    I don't believe these kind of wild claims, until I have evidence of the contrary. Less disappointments that way.

    Edit: "it is described as interfacing to the iPhone through the dock-connector and has its own camera and flash hardware." Ah, in that case it's more believable.
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    So you have to carry this extra 'camera' with you, but it only works when attached to the iPhone?

    Why not just a standalone camera then?
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    This add-on better be so three thousand and eight.

    And not two thousand and late
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    i logged on just to like that comment.
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    Yeah, as in, for the 5, not the 4/4S.
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    Or you could buy a professional camera......
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    The iOS version of the Samsung galaxy camera?
  11. WardC, Nov 23, 2012
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    The add-on carries Megapixels of fourteen...

    And it's maker claims it lean and mean...

    It will come out in two thousand and thirteen...

    Will.I.Am promoting the camera of dreams.

    Oh...and one more thing. It (the camera) will be the size of a Black-eyed pea!!
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    First thing I thought of was the camera add-on my dad had for his palm pilot... I remember that being our first digital camera.

    Edit: This was in the late 90s if I remember correctly.
  13. garylapointe, Nov 23, 2012
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    If it's got a real (optical) zoom and a much better flash, I'm in!

    But I'm more for the zoom and better lighting, I really don't need that many more megapixels...

    It would be great if it could flip around and be a front facing camera too! *Probably an option for the lightning connector devices, right? Unless it's got a case for the phone built in, I assume it'll work on the iPad and iPad Mini and iPod Touch too.

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    I had a Kodak DC20 in 1995. It shot 320x240 pixel photos. The Apple QuickTakes predated that and were around as early as 1993-1994.
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    It sounds like a camera that just requires an iPhone for you to be able to use it...Cool, I guess.
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    Sounds like someone needs a genius-phone to correct their grammar.
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    Because when I'm looking to do photography, I immediately think 'Will i am' :rolleyes:
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    You put you right foot in, you put you right foot out, you put you right foot in, and you shake it all about...
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    Everything about Mr. Adams just disgusts me. First he considers himself a "musician", now he has the audacity to have a hardware line. It's just disgusting and insulting to real musicians and designers. My opinion? No, it's a fact.
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    What's the point?

    1. The iPhone already has a decent camera.
    2. I don't need another bulky accessory.
    3. Megapixels aren't everything.
    4. I don't need something that's made by will dot i dot am plus.
    5. It will probab--er--definitely cost a lot.
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    The real question is... Does it blend?
  22. MRU


    Will.i.am ?

    Well.i.never !

    will.i.am logic describing the idea of the iPhone camera and new camera accessory..

    “Straight away I was like, that cameras dope. Then the second camera came in and I was like, that’s two times dope. So now I think we need to add another camera and that makes it like three times super dope”.
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    Will.I.Am must consider himself a "genius" or something for his rendition of "Betta get yo boom boom boom" and various other talentless efforts.
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    The only way this might sell is that it's small and has a xenon flash. No one cares about megapixels.
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    Tell that to Hasselblad users ;)

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