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Will MobileMe users get refund?

Discussion in 'iCloud and Apple Services' started by odinsride, Jun 6, 2011.

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    I recently renewed my MobileMe subscription a couple months back. Since it's being discontinued and iCloud is free, I feel we should get some kind of refund. Anyone heard anything about this?
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    I Sure hope so. My family pack auto renewed on May 13th.
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    Mine ends on June 29th, so I guess there is no need for a refund :)
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    Nah, I don't want a refund, I want some bonus goodies for subscribers... ;)
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    My account is prepaid for another fourteen months. I'm not too optimistic in getting anything.
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    i doubt it :(
    I hope we get to keep the @me. address, I don't like the idea of @icloud.
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    You get to keep your @me.com address.

    Am I correct in assuming I don't have to worry about renewing my subscription in early August since iCloud is launching this fall?

    Also what happens to iDisk?
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    I'm hoping that no one needs to renew after today. My sub expires late June.
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    you would think that apple would address this.
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    I'm keeping my .mac address. That's for only the cool people.
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    I'm fishing for more information on this as well.
    My trial mobileme account expires in July so:

    1. I'm assuming Apple will not charge me to renew?
    2. Will my @me account disappear?

    oh the questions...
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    where do all my iDisk files go? I assume they will be transferred to the new 'iDocument' app...
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    I assume we will keep the @me address...

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    Im currently wondering the same thing? Will they just be deleted or transferred? No one seems to know yet
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    Thanks, it's also on their website:

    "When you set up iCloud, you get a free me.com email account."
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    I renewed less than a month ago.
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    you all got the iShaft
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    I'm wondering the same thing - I'm less than half a year into my MobileMe subscription!.
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    Won't even let me access my account page to see when I renewed, i know it wasn't that long ago.

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    Apple have just posted this on MobileMe...

    Nice, they've extended our membership of something that "ceases to exist". :rolleyes:
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    I too wonder how the transitino will work. It's funny because about 3 days ago I got my "don't forget to renew" email from MM. My subscription runs out on July 2nd.

    Giving out refunds is going to be tricky because many people bought from different sources. I did not buy a subscription for $99/yr direct from Apple, will I get a prorated refund at the $99/yr rate? I'm surprised when SJ sais MM will cease to exist, he did not even at least acknowledge how the handling of current customers is going to be.

    My other question is, what is going to happen to all the other MM features? I regularly use BTMM, is that functionality going to disappear? How about web hosting? What about my iDisk storage? If I had >5GB on my iDisk, do i get cut down? Can I pay for more storage? Is iDisk finally not going to be a crawling mess

    Also, since my iPod touch is only 2nd gen and is long ago abandoned by Apple for OS updates, means I can't get contact syncing anymore unless I upgrade to new hardware.

    Obviously more info will have to come in the future to address these


    edit: saw the post above mine. Answers some questions, still wondering if things like BTMM will just disappear or if they will continue to exist in some other location/form.
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    My MobileMe account expired 3 days ago. I put off renewing for today's event. I hope my account turns into an iCloud account. I don't want to pay $100 for a few months of service. :(
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    It does exist. After the date posted above, MobileMe will no longer exist. It will exist untill June 2012.
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    hoping apple gives a refund or at least an itunes store credit. our family pack just renewed in april.

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