Will my hard drive data be wiped when I upgrade to ML?

Discussion in 'OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)' started by iSimpsons, Jul 23, 2012.

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    I was just wondering when I upgrade to ML, would all my data on my hardrive go? Or would I still have the same information, applications, documents etc. stored?
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    No, unless something goes tragically wrong. OS X upgrades just overwrite the system files, and leave your data untouched. You'll notice no change to your data after the upgrade.
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    No, the upgrade option is seamless and you should be all set.

    With that said, you really do need a backup, stuff happens and if something did occur your data would be safe.
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    It depends on how you choose to upgrade. There's lots of good info here, just do a search.

    I prefer to wipe my drive and start fresh. I've got everything backed up so it's easy. But it's also personal preference.
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    x2. OP, if you're not already having Time Machine backup your Mac automatically, I'd def. suggest you consider it!
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    I'd go with this too.
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    +1 on all the other posts. Always Always Always backup your data. The day you think you don't need to, is the day you could lose everything. I know a number of people it has happened to!
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    I don't see the need for a fresh start if your system is still working as well now as it was when Lion was first installed. I'd only do a clean install if my OS was not in tip-top shape. A building is only as good as its foundation. If the foundation is sound then you're good to go.


    My time machine can take me back to the Cretaceous, so I'm good. :)
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    There is no right or wrong. It's just a preference of mine.

    Of far greater importance is to have an automated backup routine.
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    True. Data isn't data until it's backed up. Until then, it's just temporary files.
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    a follow up question:

    I'm currently using regular lion on my macbook air..

    i upgrade to mountain lion in a couple of days..

    in a couple of months, ill reformat. will i have to "reinstall" both lion and mountain lion?
    or will me hdd partition with the lion installation stuff become mountain lion?
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    what lion stuff? once you upgrade lion no longer will exist, once your format it will be a blank hard drive
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    but reinstalling lion, comes from my 2nd hdd partition, which is only accesable from the restore function during boot

    will updating to lioon change that partition so it installs a "clean" mountain lion, or does it just install "regular" lion, and i have to update again?

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