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Will my phone update to iOS 5 if jailbroken?

Discussion in 'iOS 5 and earlier' started by devburke, Oct 12, 2011.

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    Every time I try to install iOS 5 on my iPod touch 4G, iTunes tells me it's not eligible for an upgrade. I tried to restore it so it would be un-jailbroken and try again, but it won't even let me restore it, because it rolls the update into the restore! Am I just stuck in iOS 4 forever, or is there something I can do?

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    so, you jail broke your device and you want to know how to update it?

    I do not think your allowed to talk about that here, but basically you need to restore the device to the original iOS build. Whatever build you want, just make it legit.
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    I don't think it's not allowed, it's perfectly legal. But I can't restore it, because iTunes tries to upgrade to iOS 5 as part of the restore, and I get a message saying that my device isn't eligible.
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    I will tell you what i did back in the day to get it to work

    you might of tried this, i do not know

    You need to find the original ipsw file and put it on your desktop, then plugin your phone and when you go to iTunes, hold down the option key and hit the restore button, it will bring up the "find file" box, go get that ipsw file and restore it
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    Remove the Cydia redirect from your hosts file.
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    Will my phone update to iOS 5 if jailbroken?

    Hi everyone, planning on updating to iOS 5 later today. I have the Verizon iPhone that is currently jailbroken. Anything I need to do different? Thanks
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    read other post that someone just asked same question
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    Jailbroken iPhone 4 to iOS5

    I just did it (AT&T phone)...it gave me a message like 'this iPhone could not be restored due an internal error (or failure)' like the first 3 times I tried (even after putting it in DFU mode). I waited for a few minutes and tried again, and then it worked with no problem. It's currently restoring the music and apps (the software has already been restored, so I know it's good).

    Good luck! I can't wait for my 4S to arrive on Friday!!
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    Download Tiny Umbrella and uncheck box in settings that says blah blah blah host blah blah something :D
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    Put your phone into DFU mode then restore it. Should work fine.
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    Thanks a lot. Will try when I get home
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    Yeah, it works! That's what I did.
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    just removing the .ispw file completely so there is nothing in the iPhone Software Update folder. when you plug in your iPhone, it should automatically say that there's an update (if not, click on check for updates) - if that doesn't work, with that folder empty, try clicking on restore and it should check with Apple to download iOS5
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    Thanks to everyone for the suggestions!

    Nah it still gave me the same error message.

    That's through TinyUmbrella, right? I tried that, didn't work. Unless I did it wrong. Do you just uncheck the box and that's it? There didn't seem be to a "save" or "apply" button or anything.

    That's what I'll try next. Thanks!

    The problem isn't that the ipsw file doesn't work, it's that it won't let me do any kind of restore at all, I suspect because I'm jailbroken.
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    Edit your host file to this:

    # Host Database
    # localhost is used to configure the loopback interface
    # when the system is booting. Do not change this entry.
    ## localhost broadcasthost
    ::1 localhost
    fe80::1%lo0 localhost
    # gs.apple.com gs.apple.com
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    If anyone's curious, the solution I finally got to work was putting it in DFU mode. It was a little obnoxious having to resync all my music and everything, but at least it's all working now!
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    hmm. i just connected my jb iphone 4.3.2 and clicked update to ios5 in itunes and it worked fine. wonder if it's different depending on the method each person used to jb their iphone to begin with.
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    Maybe it has nothing to do with the JB. I've read there were a lot of issues with authenticating updates yesterday.
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    very true and good point. out of the 15 or so friends that i know who tried to update to ios5 yesterday, 7 had problems downloading the ipsw, 2 had problems during the extraction process, and 6 had problems ranging from losing all their apps, contacts, app layouts etc once it was installed.

    i'm the only one who had a jb iphone btw.
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    I updated my jailbroken iPhone 4 yesterday on first attempt. My cousin on the other had with an iPhone 4 not jailbroken has had problems all day and been calling me for help repeatedly.
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    i upgraded my JB iphone 4 to the Gold Master last week with no problems. iOS5 upgrade seems very finnicky so far. I couldnt get my wife's 3GS to upgrade last night, and hers isnt jailbroken. Kept getting error 3002. will try again tonight
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    Forum to the rescue! Would not have guessed that one! Coming from 3.1.3 Spirit JB. Finally time to get with the times, and try out iOS 5 before pulling the trigger on an iPhone.
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    JB 4.3.3 to Factory 5.0

    I decided I wanted to try out 5.0 and doing a factory restore, from JB 4.3.3. I know people have talked about long upgrade times...but my phone has been stuck with the progress bar about 60-70% of the way (ends right behind the bite) for about 20 minutes now. Any experience with this? itunes is stuck at the restoring iphone progress bar at about 99%.

    Thoughts? suggestions?
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    thx dude. I have a 3gs (jb'ed) And my iPhone is now restoring. I think i can get iOS 5 now
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    I have the same problem and i put it in DFU mode and it still doesn't work :( please help

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