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Will my Powerbook cope with 10.5?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by cherrybomb, Feb 21, 2008.

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    Hello fellow mac users, I'm pretty new to the forum, but seem to be getting around quite easily, I just have a few questions about upgrading my OS to 10.5 on my G4 Powerbook.

    Here is the 'About This Mac' screen grab I took.


    I have read other posts on the forum from other people saying it's worked fine on their G4, but my main worry is the applications I have running on my powerbook. Would I just have my G4 working overtime if trying to run CS3 and using the latest OS? Is there anyone else out there with similar specs to my G4 that is using 10.5 and Adobe CS3 programs? If so, have you noticed any major lags? Also, I'm aware that CS2 is not compatible with Leopard, but does this include After Effects 7.0? I really need that program for my freelance work, and can't really afford to purchase an upgrade at the moment. I have also had a look on youtube and have seen Leopard running on G4 powerbooks which is great, as I would love to upgrade to use some of the new features like 'spaces'.

    If anyone can help a confused G4 user, that would be super!

    Thank you in advance to all those who contribute

    P.S. I am absolutely loving this forum, it's just great!
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    Yes, it most certainly will. I am running Leopard on my wife's iBook G4, 1.33, 512MB RAM. Although I should max out the RAM at 1.5GB, I haven't done so yet and the machine is still running great. Granted she doesn't do anything but surfing the next and some occasional music/video playing.

    You should be fine if you do not expect your PB to be a video editing MP wannabe.... :)
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    I'm running Leopard on the same mac as you. If anything it's quicker than ever.

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    That's great news! Thank you for such quick replies. I have actually bought a copy of leopard from someone on the forum, so I'll let you know how I get on once it arrives.

    Just one more question, for those of you who have installed leopard on G4's, did you opt for an erase and clean install, or the archive install? I know there's been a mixed bag of answers for this one. Do most people just try each type of install until they have had some luck?
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    It should run just fine if not better than Tiger.
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    if my dad's 1.2ghz ibook g4 can do it (even faster than tiger), your powerbook can definately do it. go for it
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    I'm running it on an iBook 1.2 ghz and it runs fantastic, you should have no problems what so ever.
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    upgrade that RAM in your G3 imac and download leopard off the net and you can install it on that :p
    kidding please dont do it
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    Yes it should run fine. The one thing I would do is try to max out the ram. As I have the same model and CS3 seems to me run slow even though I have 1.25GB of ram. As for the other question I would do a clean install just make sure you have all you disks for your programs if not do a archive.

    Good luck
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    once again, thanks for the advice. I'm a bit dubious as to whether I should go ahead with the install simply because this is the only mac I have at present, although I am looking to upgrade to a MBP if an update arrives.
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    If you have an external drive, you can make an external bootable clone of your Tiger installation to the external, so you'd be able to return to Tiger if things went sour. Alternatively, you could make Leopard the bootable external, and see if it's something you really want before going all the way.
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    You will be very happy running Leopard on your Powerbook. Leopard is not in testing stages so it's perfectly fine to install it on older hardware and use it as your primary OS. Also developers are starting to make Leopard only apps and it's best for you to move on to Leopard if your hardware can handle it.

    Could you please address this question for me, I'm confused at the screenshot in your OP, I was under the impression you took that screenshot of YOUR Powerbook G4. Is that not your screenshot?
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    HLdan: You are correct, that is a screenshot of my 'About This Mac' box. It is from my powerbook.

    So many people believe the CS3 programs should run okay?

    How about After Effects, will version 7.0 still work, or am I doomed, and have to upgrade to the CS3 version?

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