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Will Nike+ work on iPad?

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by Timothy, Apr 5, 2010.

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    Lol that would be sick having an armband with an ipad attached to it for when you are running outside.
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    The arm thing would be funny.
    But it would be nice to use on a tread mill using nike+.
    problem you would not able to use nike+ in the back round and do some things like email,web,watch a movie, read a book on and on.

    I would use nike+ if they had for the ipad.
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    Nah…not on the arm. Mount that sucker on your chest. Lead out with it, and you could put some cool motion graphics, like flying through space images, that others would see as you came closer to them.

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    I would actually use this on the treadmill. There is a magazine stand (and it conveniently covers the display showing you how pathetically slow you are running), where you could place the ipad and then run with the sensor and use bluetooth headphones to watch movies while you run. But, I'm perfectly happy to use my iphone.

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