Will Oracle Solaris work on ppc G3 and ppc G4?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by MacintoshMaster, Jun 12, 2011.

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    Hi there,
    I want to run Oracle Solaris on my dual 800MHz powermac G4 and/or iMac G3 600MHz '02.

    Would this work?
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    The Oracle-supported version is not available for PowerPC. There's a PPC port of OpenSolaris but I have no idea whether it's far enough along to be usable.
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    If you knew how to run Solaris in the first place you would know that so whats the point? You want to know if you can run an OS you don't know how to use?

    Solaris is for RISC CPU's yes but not the PowerPC specific architecture.

    Sorry if I seem a little rude but it seems a lot of people make threads to answer questions that you could answer in a 5 sec. google search. As if we are here to answer whatever question that pops in your mind about something you will likely never attempt. JoshuaRocks is the same type of poster.

    Many of us here know the things we know because we actively go learn about them throughout our life. We don't just ask other people what we can find out on our own in 5 sec. Google is your friend.

    How many more "Can I run (insert random OS here) on my PowerPC?" threads do we really need to see?
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    Agreed, but I have a quick question for you,
    Can I run Windows on my PPC? :p
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    I always feel a little bad after I make posts like that but honestly those things need to be said. It's really below forum fodder even and just clutters things and lowers threads that are actually asking legitimate questions.

    When the question someone asks glaringly shows they are not even able to accomplish the answer to said question they are just wasting everyones time and need to go practice typing far less words in google to find info than on a forum to get someone else to answer a question only your curiosity needs answering. Google specializes in curiosity about things.

    End rant.
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    I disagree,
    This forum is for everybody and anybody to ask a question that they do not understand. If not, what's the point of a forum?
    I did do a google search but don't understand what the website says.
    Some people here like myself are not professional computer techs.
  7. zen.state, Jun 15, 2011
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    So you know how to actually use the Solaris OS? It seems that you don't which equals a waste of forum space.

    If you want to keep asking these senseless questions you can expect more of the same responses. If you ever want help with a real issue and not something you are just curious about then I would be happy to help. If you're curious enough about something to want to know more you go learn. You don't just ask a question that shows you can't even accomplish the answer to the question you ask. We are not here to do all your thinking for you. We are here to be part of a Mac community not just be your answer machines like you seem to think we are. Questions are a part of forums but certainly not the whole purpose of them that you state. You're a bit delusional in your thinking.

    It's stunning how reliant on others some people are. It makes me wonder if you even need people to lift food to your mouth for you. Honestly.

    My point is that you don't even need to know the answer and if you want to know bad enough you can go look it up and ask us about real issues like a broken computer. Not if you can run an OS you can't even operate in the first place.
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    Well said, but MacintoshMaster, I am sure a quick Google search will bring up many pages that you can read, you should try Wikipedia.
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    Simple answer: no

    Solaris is available in SPARC and Intel architectures only.


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