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Will Pro Tools MBox 2 Pro Work With 13" MBP?

Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by OnTrack Studios, Jun 14, 2009.

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    OnTrack Studios

    I'm really interested in picking up the new 13" MBP but I'm hearing a lot of issues with Pro Tools and the new macbook lineup. My MBox 2 Pro uses FW400 only and I've also heard that a 7200RPM HD is required for Pro Tools LE 8 to run properly. Any ideas?
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    You don't need a 7200rpm hard drive for it to run properly, 5200rpm is fine. The new MacBook Pros only have firewire 800, so im not too sure how you can connect it. I run 7.4.2 on my aluminum MacBook Pro with an MBox 2 (USB) and it runs perfectly.
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    The new MBP just announced has FW800. FW400 can plug into a FW800 port if you have the correct cable. Also 7200RPM is not an issue because you would be using an external disk drive.

    Something like this....
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    OnTrack Studios

    Are the 400->800 firewire cables and adapters available anywhere other than online? And I currently record on my 15" MBP (early 2007) without an external drive. Will I be forced to use a firewire drive with the newer models?

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