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Will Sims Online be out for Mac???

Discussion in 'Games' started by codycartoon, Nov 21, 2002.

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    I was just reading an article in news week and it seems like a great game! But then i also read that its doing product placement with pentium! Pentium could have paid off the sim guys so that it wouldnt come out for mac!? Is this possible?
    i hope it comes out for mac soon!
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    intel ususally does that with ea games. i wouldnt worry. it will be a long time though. they still havent said anything about sims unleashed yet i dont think. aspyr i think will get every sims that comes out.

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    The Sims Unleashed is coming to the mac. Check the Aspyr website.
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    LOL, I can only imagine what sims online hacks will be like.

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    My thoughts...

    If the Sims Online came out for Mac they better have compatibility for online play with PC and Mac. Otherwise it just won't be worth getting....
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    Yea it looks cool...Would you need the Sims itself inorder to play the online ver.?
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    I think it will be nice, I have playied it on the PC...
    Oh yeah did you hear about the boy-cott of Burger-King In-Game.
    people are doing it
    *character walks up to burger-king doors*
    *places finger down through*
    *tells everyone around him that burger-king is just in-game $ for EA.*
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    Sims Online?

    Has anyone played this using Virtual PC on their mac? Results? Is it playable?
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    i'm guessing it wouldn't really be playable (either not at all, or very very slow...). based on the fact that i've tried running simgolf, which is a good deal older, and thus not requiring quite as much graphically and such... and it works. but very very slow.

    some folks have mentioned more specific things like vpc can only handle games requiring 8 mb video ram or something (just kinda made up the number). that is, only x mb of vram gets utilized by vpc, no matter what you have in your computer...

    and i'd guess the newer games all top this mark.
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    Is there a Simpsons mod for the Sims? DOH!

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    Re: Sims Online?

    Virtual PC only simulates an 8 mb graphics card, couple that with vpc's general slow performance and it doesnt make for a good gaming environment.
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    I understand...but...

    Isn't this game a bit "slower" anyway than say something like Quake? And, given that it is an "online" game, I am guessing that it isn't as demanding on the resident computer? Maybe I'm wrong.

    Anyway, I'd really like to participate in this game, as I think there will be something to becoming involved early on. But, alas, no mac version it would appear, at least not anytime soon.
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    i hear what you're saying. but like i said, i've played simgolf on vpc and it's really really sluggish.

    that's running on a dual 800, 1.12 gb ram, and gf4mx.

    if you know someone who gets sims online for pc, and you have vpc, it's worth a shot by all means... but beyond that, i don't think it's worth it.

    i've also tried installing tiger woods golf (2002 i think) on vpc.... forget what happened exactly, but something with directx or something... didn't work. also relatively light graphically as compared to first person shooters.
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    Re: Re: Sims Online?

    Actually you are wrong. Go the device manager in VPC. You have only 4 mb of video memory. People just need to face it and learn that games will not play in vpc. People are gonna just have to save up an buy a dell or build something.

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    Another temptation...

    OK, I am not your typical gamer...but this is a game that really tempts me, mainly for the sociological/psychological impact that I think this game can and will have.

    I also think there will be an advantage to being an early adopter in this game, and I think we Mac types will suffer if we want to be in on the ground floor of the creation of this virtual world.

    So, this is one of the first real experiences I have had of wishing I had a PC.

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    My friend says that in order for you to play The Sims Online, online you must pay $10 a month! now I think that's stupid!
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    My friend says that in order for you to play The Sims Online, online you must pay $10 a month! now I think that's stupid!
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    My friend says that in order for you to play The Sims Online, online you must pay $10 a month! now I think that's stupid!
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    looks like something was wrong with lime's connection for a few min ;)
    i was hearing that vpc6 lets you use up to 16 megs of vram, that would be excellent, if i have enough ram and if its fast enough, my peecee only has 11megs of vram (says 4 or 8 megs in system properties :S) and the sims is pretty playable, kinda slow, but its an old pc...

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