Will the iBook disappear once the Macbook is released?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by GanChan, Apr 21, 2006.

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    I ask because I just want a new (not used) entry-level 12" notebook for basic business tasks using Panther. I was going to get an iBook some time this summer. But I'm afraid that if I hold off, the Macbook will show up, Apple will stop selling the iBook, and I'll have to pay the difference for more notebook than I really need. Does that mean that I need to make my purchase ASAP?

    (This is sort of the opposite of the usual "Should I wait" thread....) :D
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    They will probably sell both side by side for a time, until the G4s sell out.
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    at this point, i'd just wait. i bought mine back in january, and that's spared me a lot of news-reading grief.
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    You could always get a refurb. They'll probably be around for a while after the MB comes out.
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    I bought mine back in February, when it was heavily rumored the new ones would come out April 1st. I think if I had actually waited, the anticipation would have killed me. But I'm very happy with my iBook.
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    Yeah, you'll probably still see refurbs at the very least when the new ones come out. But unless the price is really mind blowing, how can you pass up a superfast intel (assuming it's similarly priced as current ibooks)?
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    if you want a new iBook and not a refurb (seems i'm the only one here who actually read your post :rolleyes: ), you still shouldn't have a problem getting a new one after the macbooks are released. as they did with the macbook pros, and the iMacs, they'll probably still sell iBooks along side macbooks while supplies last. and if they don't, as was the case with the mini, you should have no trouble finding a reseller with new iBooks in stock.

    so basically, no, there is no need to get one asap, however, once the macbooks do come out, i wouldn't wait any longer then you need to.
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    lol, i've been experiencing the same thing hehe
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    i love these threads about apple's new ibook/macbooks that are supposed to "REALLY come out next tuesday" (every week lol), while i sit here and enjoy the last revision of one of the coolest ppc g4 notebooks out there. :)
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    I made a visit to Apple Soho after work yesterday and there were quite a few people waiting their turn to get to the few iBooks displayed. My impression from some of the chatter I was able to hear over the usual sounds of talking and music was that more went to purchase than to catch a nostalgic glimpse of a product that will soon be replaced.
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    Kaiser Phoenix

    I agree with you. Although I dont have a G4 ibook, I still feel like buying one, just for like a collectors value thing. I mean people wanted to surf the net, email 10 years ago and were managing it. People do the same things now and they say the ibook is G4, its slow blah blah. I mean, 1 year ago, people were using ibooks and they said it was good! I love the way how when a new computer comes out, people start saying "now, I NEED a new computer". Ok, like i know some people really do need the extra power but still! NEED is funny I think.

    The great thing about macintoshes, is like I can buy a 1.33ghz G4 ibook and be happy with it. But if i got like a 1.33ghz Windows machine, it wont do jack.

    I agree with u, PPC G4 ibooks are cooL!
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    Agree with you 100%. People say my 12" 1Ghz Powerbook is slow, but it was just as fast as it was 2 years and 7 months ago when I first bought it, and it was fast enough then. In fact, it was cutting edge. A 12" laptop at that price? One that came with a real graphics card rather than integrated graphics chip? No way! Only IBM had one, and it was like their most expensive model.

    And while my needs have increased, my 12" PB is still fast enough to handle all of it. I can only imagine how faster a new 12" iBook would be. :eek:

    Unfortunately/Fortunately ( ;) ), I need an x86 processor and SuSE to run on my laptop, so I might actually get a new MB if it's 13.3", or even a MBP if they make a smaller model.
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    I agree. All of this banter about how a new computer is suddenly obsolete when a new one comes out is crazy. The "old" computer still works. And it is just as fast today as it was yesterday. I guess there is a techno-ego that forces one to have whatever is at the cutting edge all the time. And with Apple moving over to Intel, newer chips will come out quicker. And it will be more expensive to "keep up" But it is, I believe, in most cases, an ego thing rather than a work thing. (People in digital imaging always need the fastest stuff because every minute saved is another billable job.)
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    You know if you buy a new Mac now, you will get Tiger with it. The iBook supplies will have to last at least a few months after the MacBook is announced. So you might even have the chance to get a great deal on an iBook once the MacBook is announced.

    Like someone else said. Let's not get paranoid, just refer to how Apple (or any other company) has handled releasing the newest stuff. The old stuff is still available for a while, but it is just not the "newest".
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    Forgive me if I'm wrong, but my impression is that, if you buy a current rev, new iBook, not only will it not come with Panther (that I'm sure of), but it also WILL NOT RUN Panther. For whatever complex reasons, including in part the fact that Panther didn't necessarily have drivers for all the current hardware on the disc, Apple's policy, as I understand it, is that they do a good job of making a new OS compatible with old hardware, but new hardware is absolutely NOT compatible with old OSes.
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    Every day without a new iBook/Macbook makes me a little more thankful for my final revision iBook G4.
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    I think that the iBooks will still be out a while after the Macbook is introduced. I wouldn't worry too much about it, but if you want to be safe, you can buy one now, since you can get them pretty cheap on Amazon, etc.
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    Quite right. I've had my ibook G4 12" 1.33 GHz since 8/05, and it came with Tiger. If you want to run Panther, you need to look at the previous revision (1.2 Ghz 12"). Not that I can imagine why you'd want to, though... Tiger is awesome.
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    remember what happened when the Intel Mac Mini's came out? They replaced the PPC MM straight away. So really, its up to you if you want a PPC or Intel model.
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    Still an interesting question here would be.. why would anyone still want a PPC machine this late in the game?

    The switchover is progressing really well and apps are already mostly ported over to UBs (except for perhaps Adobe and MS Office), and the intels are not that expensive compared to the PPC models either, but delivering a huge performance gain.
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    I think they will be gone, only because most of the Apps for a low end PPC are already made for intel..

    However before the intel Mini came out there were reports of Apple having low suppys of the PPC Mini which my have been due to timing, so no one can be sure
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    A few reasons I can think of:
    - aversion to rev. A (the last rev ibook G4s are incredibly solid)
    - heavy reliance on Office and Adobe products (not exactly minor vendors)
    - they are cheaper... maybe not massively so, but they are
    - already own PPC software and don't want to pay upgrade fees to get UBs

    Intel is the future, but don't underestimate the continued vitality of PPC.
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    This is a thread about a new iBook, but the thought has crossed my mind several times to buy a used latest-rev iBook 12", and sell my iBook G4 12" / 800MHz.... the few hundred dollars that upgrade would cost would seem like a really good deal to me. And I can continue using Office 04 and PSE3. :)
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    ibooks have gone through numerous revisions and are very solid. And they are cool, doesn't emit too much heat. They are not the fastest around and for what i do (email, browsing etc) they are neat. It's too bad they gonna replace it :(
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    Woo 1st post (was attracted to this thread because I think I know the OP from somewhere else...)

    I'm pretty much in the same category as you - a small form factor is really important for me, so I wouldn't mind if Merom is released only to the MBP and the MacBook gets Yonah. Don't even mind integrated graphics for my needs :)

    Actually getting Merom released would at least give us a look at the possible lineup differentiation.

    I suppose I'm fortunate in that I'm patient and can wait at least 6 months to a year from now with no real buying pressure. Might even get to see Rev. B as well :D

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