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Will the iPad and/or iPhone 4 play Handbrake 'AppleTV' conten?

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by fivepoint, Jun 7, 2010.

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    I've got a large collection of DVDs ripped to the AppleTV preset of Handbrake? Does anyone know if these files will play properly on the new iPad or iPhone 4? Any insight would be appreciated!
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    This probably answers my own question... but here are the video specs for the new iPhone 4. It apparently should support the AppleTV setting video? Maybe there's something I'm missing though...

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    Both the iPhone 4 and iPad can handle anything the Apple TV can handle. The problem is the Apple TV cannot do 720/30p which is pathetic and annoying.
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    That's so freakin awesome... I was thinking about reencoding all of my videos so I could take them on the road with my iPhone... Ha! Awesome.
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    I was just about to come here and post this .... seems my entire library will work with the new iphone. All the more reason to get one....
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    I have low res versions of almost all my movies, scaled down to the iPhone's 480 lines. The main reason for this is memory space. The iPhone always could play ATV stuff if it was SD, but one SD DVD encoded for ATV takes up the same amount of space as 3 "low res" movies.

    The new iPhone is at 960 lines, but until they bump the memory, I'm not going to be re-encoding my old low res files (but I might encode new ones to 960).
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    So if we do want to code the movies with the new resolution (960x640) in mind, what setting do we need to use in the Handbrake? Any custom settings as well?

    And I'm using VirtualDobMod to burn in subtitles but then the movies end up being in a weird resolution, so it's like watching it on a 21:9 screen - what gives?
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    that is actually not true. when I convert a video to apple TV (with Quicktime 7 pro) it does not work on the iPhone or iPad. when I convert it in itunes it works. when I try to reconvert a quicktime 7 for apple TV movie itunes says it is already in apple TV format.

    This drives me nuts.

    There are so many different versions of videos and the iPad is quite picky about what to play. That is fine if apple would simply have one selection for iPad/iPhone/iPod that always works and has the optimal quality. But you either end up with low quality movies or they don't play. It can be quite frustrating.
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    Use handbrake, select Apple TV or Universal Setting. It will work provided the iphone is a 3GS.
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    I suspect, but haven't tried, that the resolution can be bumped by taking the iPhone preset, and then increasing the resolution under the picture settings. Not sure that anything else would be required.
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    If you're sourcing video off DVD, there's no point at all to increasing the resolution, since the source is limited to 480p anyway.

    Apple Universal for the win.
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    Sorry, but can anyone confirm what are gonna be the best settings to use on Handbrake (custom or preset)

    I want to start encoding all my movies for my 32 gig iphone 4 and what the best quality I can get. Thanks

    PS im encoding avi's and mkv's
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    No such things as "best settings" or "best quality" for Handbrake I'm afraid.

    Options I'd suggest are:

    1. Spend a few hours reading the Handbrake forums; or

    2. If you need compatibility with older Apple devices use the AppleTV preset and maybe bump the quality slider up a little (no higher than 19); or

    3. If you really are just going to use it on iPhone 4 / iPad go with the High Profile or whatever its called.
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    Your encodes are only going to be as good as your source material. AVIs and MKVs are likely going to yield suboptimal results compared to ripping from DVD or BluRay sources.

    No settings in the world are going to change that.
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    I just loaded onto my iPhone 4 a copy of the Dark Knight at 1280x720 (anamorphic 1723x720) that I encoded with Handbrake. It was encoded to max out the AppleTV's capabilities. It plays easily on the iPhone 4 and looks really good. Pixels are non-existant.

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