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Will the new MacBook ship the day of the event?

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by MacBook08, Aug 16, 2008.

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    I really would like to know what everyone thinks. When the next MacBook is released in the next month or so, will it be available in stores right after its release or will we have to wait a couple of weeks?

    Also, will you buy it immediately or wait a little while? For me, I've been waiting so long, that I'd buy it the second it's available. I'm just crazy like that! I figure Apple will take care of us if anything happens to go wrong.:apple:
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    im gettin it right away! this will be my first mac of any kind and im gonna buy it the second its available which should be in september. all the stores will have the new macbook before the event but they can only start selling them that day. heck for all we know the stores might already have em'!!
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    I don't know how much longer I can wait! Arghhh.
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    ME TOO!!! GREAT POINT! The idea of the stores already having them fills me up with gobs and gobs of EXCITEMENT!!!:D
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    dont get your hopes up so high. its not a definite yet.
    call me stupid or whatever, but i couldnt wait to get my macbook, so i got it. last week.
    and if it is introduced, there is no way to know if it will be sold that day. usually with macs, apple waits a few weeks before sale.

    and keep in mind that apple events in september usually focus on ipods, not macs.

    im not trying to crush your hopes and dreams, im just being realistic.
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    Yeah, you could be right but the MacBook is nearing the end of it's cycle. Even if it's not redesigned, Apple has to do at least something to it. Let's hope a redesign is in order as part of the "product transition.":apple:
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    well stop being so realistic. lol anyway why would they have a big new macbook event only to sell them a few weeks after? and the stores besides apple that sell macbooks have released the fact that apple isnt shipping out the current macbooks anymore which is almost always because of an upcoming release. anyway i dont really care if they some giant leap in hardware with the next one i just want it to look cool!
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    When the ipod touch was announced september 5th last september, they said that they will be in stores september 22nd. On september 9th me and my buddy call apple right after school and they had them so we drove in and got one. What this means is that its possible they could announce it and say it will come out a little bit later just so people dont flock the apple stores.
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    thats pretty freakin awesome if they did that im think ill have to try it. i hope the new macbooks dont come out too soon cause i wont have the money for a while.(im 14)
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    Winter Charm

    so does anyone know of any twisted apple store managers that are willing to sell it to me before the release date??? i cant wait to take a hammer to my windows pc :D
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    I have a friend Manager, who will sell the demo of any new item, I was the first to have the G4 20" imac and everything since :)
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    For a radically redesigned product, there's not a definite answer. Speed bumps are available in-store the same day, but for a new product it can take up to a month to ship, though it will be in stores earlier than it ships to online orderers.
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    Sometimes it's available immediately, sometimes not. For example for the MacBook Air, it was 2 weeks after the announcement that it was released, but the Peryn refresh, it was available immediately.
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    what did you mean by this? just curious
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    My local Best Buy ran out of MacBooks, and as far as I know there are no more on the way in the next week or two.

    It doesn't make sense for Apple to miss out on the back to school rush like this. If there's none in the next week or so, I may have to break for a Vista powered laptop, which I don't really want to do, but am leaning toward thanks to my student finances. :p
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    ya i agree i need a laptop to start high school with. a lot of the classes are online. i sure hope the new macbooks are out in time!!!
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    What sort of school do you go to that requires all students to have laptops? I think that's a slight (huge) over-exaggeration.
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    they dont require it and its an independent study high school and if i cant make it to the school(for sports and music and such) its extremely handy to have. instead of having to always do it on my comp at home that runs on xp and freezes all the time.
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    Well, a lot of people tell me it's a good idea to wait for them to work the bugs out on new products but I trust Apple enough to know that the new MacBook will be totally awesome right from the start.
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    unlike microsoft who rushes their products out without testing or anything.
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    Winter Charm

    i do too.. i mean you know apple doesnt release things until they are tested by others so that apple products get it right the first time - a good example is going to be the quad core chips - we wont see them in macbooks and the MBP until an estimated 2010. but they will not have overheating issues which i can garuntee many windows laptops will have :apple:
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    There's mixed stories regarding Apple and Rev.A products. Some people get nothing but problems, while some are still using there Rev.A products today without any problems.
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    lol true, but after this iphone 3G debacle, it seems like apple is following suit.
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    and don't even start with MobileMe. ;)

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