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Will the next MBA be all black like iphone 5?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by kristoffer4, Sep 14, 2012.

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    Do you think that the next version of the MBA will be available in all black like the iphone 5? It would look really cool! :)
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    I really doubt it........
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    I love posts what begin with "Will the next MBA have..."! Ha...:)

    But honestly, that would look fantastic... I'd love it. But no, I don't see it happening.
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    Plenty of pastel colors to match a 5G Touch <Sarcasm :D
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    Dark Void

    Probably not.
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    With all this kind of questions I'm surprised if people aren't expecting Apple to launch their iCrystalBall
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    No, and a black MBA would look like a thinner version of every boring black laptop made in the 90s.
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    Can we have beige back?
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    Personally I don't find the new black iPhone good looking, it now resembles a...a... Samsung!
  11. RHA
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    Thinkpad Redux

    Come on - black is so done...
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    they should have gave the iphone 5 an aluminum look to match with the macbook airs.;)
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    It would look absolute delicious:

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    Yes it will be. They are also brining out a special Product Red version too.
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    It would certainly look nice, but probably not.
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    They did - it's called white.:cool:
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    will probably never happen. atleast with the current line. I miss the black macbook!
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    A matte black MBA would be awesome. Bring back the black notebooks!
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    I'd like to see a limited run, top spec 'black edition'. Think that'd create a bit of interest.
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    its still not the same as aluminum.:cool:
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    I'm actually quite surprised that no one has tried dismantling their own Air and sending the cases off to be powdercoated black.

    Additional expense that voids warranty?

    One of a kind?
    Hell yeah.
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    I'm sure Apple would probably find another marketing term for it, rather than going with crowd of other industrials that all seem to use that branding, it's a bit last year now though.

    Besides, you'd proably only end up with others then moaning that they want the top spec MBA but don't want it in black! You'll never please everybody.
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    Nah, you're right , 'Black Edition' is too common. How about Typhoon, (with Thunderbolt and Lightning connectors...)

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