Will the Touch's iTunes Support AAC Radio Streams?

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by bobber205, Sep 11, 2007.

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    I am sooooo close to buying an iPod touch. It's exactly what I wanted out of the iphone.

    What would make it totally worth it would be able to listen to aac radio streams. Last time I checked iTunes didn't really like those for some reason.

    I guess we won't know for sure until someone gets one but... ;)

    I did have a gander at the specs and it says "aac audio blah blah" supported. So maybe it's possible.
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    I doubt it, but that is a really good idea - listening to internet radio over the new WiFi functionality.
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    I would consider that a good function-for a PDA, its obviously not for traditional iPod.

    Even if apple doesn't do it, I hope somebody else does it.
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    Again we'll have to wait, but on the iPhone is the iTunes app very similar to the OS X one?

    I just the radio stream I want to play on the Touch and it worked in iTunes. iTunes 6 if I remember did not play it. I gave up trying and ended up using VLC.
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    The only iTunes functionality on the Touch is connecting to the Music Store. Otherwise it is just like any other iPod.
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    Oh really? :( That makes me sad.

    Hmm. I'll wait until I hear from other people. Maybe there'll be a hack to make it work.
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    If someone writes an app to get internet radio, it will work... but Apple didn't port iTunes to the iPod Touch and iPhone, so there won't be any hacks to Apple's software to make it work.

    The upshot is that the iPhone was cracked open rather fast, and the Touch will be cracked open even faster. Apps will get written for it (and iPhone-oriented apps should mostly work too), and someone somewhere will probably work on an internet radio app at some point.
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    I hope that they see this (the hackers) and email me. I would love to help. lol ;)

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