Will they ever change @me.com to @apple.com?

Discussion in 'iCloud and Apple Services' started by arian19, May 18, 2011.

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    Will they ever change @me.com to @apple.com? Because it is kind of annoying that every time someone asks my email, i say ....@me.com, they are like what is me? I have to explain to them that it is apple email, ughhh

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    No. @apple.com is reserved for employees. @me.com is the domain reserved for MobileMe subscribers, such as yourself.
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    I still prefer the old @mac.com
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    Big D 51

    I don't think so either but would be cool.
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    Jony Mac

    I wish we could still get the .mac domain rather than .me..
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    Same here and if I'm forced to give up my .mac email address, I'll be giving up on mobile me at that point. I've had my .mac address since apple offered iTools for free.

    Its so intertwined, I can't think that apple will keep it going.
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    Maybe it will change to @iCloud.com

    With the "i", people will assume it is Apple. PLus millions of people will know the service because the music will be stored in the cloud.
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    I'd probably think it was spam.
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    Love my @mac.com
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    Given the expense, effort and marketing for mobile me. I'm a little doubtful that will occur. @me.com is a lot shorter and easier to deal with then .icloud.com

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