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Will they update the screen this year?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by thespeakerbox, Aug 8, 2009.

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    I was all set to buy an MBA this weekend, but when I walked into the store to test drive, i noticed a big difference between the pro screens and the mba screens. Do you think they will be upgrading the screens anytime in the near future?
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    I don't think they can ever put the type of displays in the MBA's because of thermal issues, but they obviously will be improving the displays every release. The last update was in January, so expect and update in October/November of this year (if anything).
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    thermal issues? please explain
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    Are you referring to having Apple add the glass covered screen from the MBP line to the MBA? One thing that you can do to make the screen more "poppy" is to convert the gamma to 2.2 from the default 1.8 -- this simple change makes a huge difference. The glass covered screen would require a complete redesign of the hinges and keyboard offset and would add extraneous weight (requiring the hinge redesign -- not that more robust hinges wouldn't be welcome).
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    I agree, most people will be a lot happier with the 2.2 setting. It makes a huge difference, and makes it seem more similar to MBP displays.
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    The current screen is better. It is the kind of glossy without irritating gloss. Apple made a huge mistake by covering their laptops with glass making it extremely hard to use outdoors and in some rooms such as class rooms.

    I only love the glass on the iMacs and I am sure that the MBA will never have that kind of screen any time in the near or far future. Why? Mainly due to the huge weight increase.

    As for pixels, I do not see Apple increasing the pixels on this baby when the 13" MBP has the same pixels.

    Just calibrate the colors of the MBA's screen and you will be more than happy :)
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    Are the MBA screens the same quality as the MBPs , just without the glass, or are they just like the macbook screens?
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    My impression has been that they made the screens on the 13" MBP comparable with those on the MBA. I could be wrong as I have not played around with the 13" MBPs since they came out. I do recall the blacks on the original unibody MBs being very blue rather than black in comparison to the MBAs and 15" MBPs at the time I was looking at them vs. the MBA.

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