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Will this cheapo SSD work on Rev A?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by edcrusher, Nov 30, 2009.

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    Did you bother reading the review near the bottom of the page?
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    Yes I am looking for an expert(like you) opinion. If possible, thx
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    I doubt anyone here has tried with this SSD.

    Therefore, the only real opinion available is from the review posted on Amazon. It gives all the information you need. Also, it's an Amazon verified buyer... so the person actually bought it... not made a false claim outta the blue.

    He/she stated:

    1) He/She's happy with the purchase
    2) It works on a Rev. A MacBook Air
    3) Probably faster than the original SSD offered by Apple.
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    That is built with the SMI controller a very solid controller. We at Runcore tested it when we where building our SSD it is very slow on random read and random write performance around 3-4MB/sec read and around .8MB/sec write and has no cashe so we decided against it. But that being said it will be a little bit faster than your HDD but not 5-10 times faster like the Runcore.


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