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Will this ever be a collector item?

Discussion in 'Apple Collectors' started by Powerbook G5, Aug 13, 2003.

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    Powerbook G5

    So the other day I was talking to a friend about getting a new PowerBook whenever it gets updated...during the discussion, it was brought up what I was going to do with my current PowerBook when I get it and he seemed to think that since I have a 1999 Bronze keyboard edition PowerBook, that it might someday become a collector item since it didn't seem like it was made for very long before it was replaced by the G4. Is there any chance that if I were to hold on to this, that it might be worth something? It's in beautiful condition and still quite useful at just about any task you really need it for. I'm sure this is just wishful thinking, but it'd be pretty cool if there is any truth to the matter.
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    Re: Will this ever be a collector item?

    at this point, it is just a used laptop

    but as time goes on, and fewer and fewer of these machines are around, then there will be somebody who will want it and be willing to pay good money for it

    right now, G4 laptops are what people want, but G3 ibooks are still hanging in there, and pre-G3 laptops in working condition are becoming more and more scarce

    i don't know of any pre-powerpc laptops in working condition, but something that old could get a good price on ebay

    time makes things more scarce..first with working older machines, then with machines working or not...twenty years from now, many of us will wish we hung onto old apple and mac gear

    one day, i suppose, long after sj leaves apple, a piece of gear made during his first or second tenure could be referred to as a job's era mac or apple

    with fender guitars, guitars made during leo fender's (original owner) tenure as owner/ceo of the company are highly sought after and bring in big bucks but guitars made after the sale of the company to CBS in 1965 bring in way less money on the used and vintage guitar market

    i have heard about apple I machines signed by the Woz on the inside...now something like that is worth a lot right now
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    buhahahaaha. you think that will a collectors item. I have the original, first ever, apple laptop. I have a Apple Portable, weighing in at 15.8 pounds. its pretty cool to look at sometimes.

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    I've saved every Apple I've ever had as a bizarre collection of sorts.

    I've got a Macintosh SE, a Mac Classic II, a Powerbook 165, a Performa 6115CD, a Wallstreet Powerbook, an iMac DVSE, and (my current Mac) a 15" flat-panel iMac.

    All these machines still work (although the Powerbook 165's battery is only good for about 10 minutes), and I even boot the old ones up every now and then (actually, the iMac DVSE, the Wallstreet Powerbook, and the Performa are being regularly used by family members right now).

    Who knows? Maybe in 20 years folks will be bringing their old laptops to the Antiques Roadshow...
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    Powerbook G5

    Well, at the very least, I am keeping my Lombard long after I upgrade to a new 15" whenever they come out. My dad thinks I should sell it, but after 4 years of flawless operation, it seems a shame to sell it to someone who might end up destroying it in two months.
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    Powerbook G5-

    The rarity would depend on the number manufactured and number still available, and probably something unique about that model (among other things.)
    The Powerbook 2400 is still popular in Japan, for example, because of it's size and form factor.
    The Portable is a collectable because it was Apple's first portable.
    The LISA is REALLY rare, popular & expensive because the original LISA I is a hard find; Apple offered an upgrade to the version II ROM (if I'm not mistaken) and almost all LISA I owners took advantage of it.
    So, despite what some people say, hold on to it and someday it may just be worth it. Hey- I had the original Apple stickers with the old typeface (the one from the late 70s & 80s) and they were given out by the truck load to anyone who cared. Now there are people who eagerly search for them. You never know ;)
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    Powerbook G5

    I can see from your sig that you have quite the impressive collection, yourself. I suppose mine can start with this one. I wish I could have been around for most of the classic Apples, but I was only 1 when the first Mac came out.
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    I was born in 76:D
    Actually I didn't "Switch" until the summer of 2001 when I got an iBook (and started on my wife's Quadra.) All the machines I have in the collection are machines I've bought since that time. It's never too late to begin collecting.
    Make sure though, that you keep all the pieces of the machines you have if you plan on increasing value or selling them. For example, as a collector myself, I will always look for a machine that comes with it's original box(s), Apple stickers and manuals (and system software for 68k machines.)
    Good luck-
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    Powerbook G5

    Well, I have the original box, the original stickers, all the manuals, even all of the extra connecters *still* in their original packaging. I accomplished this since I had to send my PowerBook in to be replaced since their first batch had a defect. I just kept all those extra pieces since I forgot about them when sending the original unit back, so I have one pair I use and the second pair of everything hasn't even been opened. I suppose that will help to increase the value someday into the future. What I'd love to get is a Next Cube and a 20th Aniv. model...but those aren't exactly easy to come by, nor are they cheap. Ah well, c'est la vie.
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    Rare, but who wants it?

    So, what about this one: a Power Computing clone!?! I bought one of these a few months before Jobs came back and killed the licensing program.... (Hey, I didn't know what I was doing, and I was living on a tight budget, but I needed a Mac OS!)

    Don't think it will be worth too much, especially since it doesn't exactly work anymore! (and it's only been 6-7 years! No wonder Jobs yanked back the licenses...).

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