Will upgrading to the MDD logic board still work with all other parts?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by MacintoshMaster, Jul 9, 2011.

  1. MacintoshMaster, Jul 9, 2011
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    Hi there,
    I have a powermac G4 quicksilver but I want a MDD logic board to make my computer faster. If I do, will it still work with all my other parts like the RAM, IDE Hard drive, Airport card etc... What parts (If any) will not work from the QS with a MDD Logic Board.

    (P.S I understand the case wont fit but I'm not using that case)
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    Which is the most reliable logic board?

    Hi there,
    Which is the most reliable logic board out of these:

    1. Apple G3 Logic Board
    2. Apple G4 QS Logic Board
    3. Apple G4 MDD Logic Board
    4. Apple G5 Logic Board

    Which one is least prone to problems?
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    They're all pretty reliable, I'd say all very reliable, and while the G5 series is the most problem-prone, I think thy're still reliable machines, however, I'd never buy one of the non-Dual-Core models (such as the Single and Dual processor models), both for reliability and performance factors.

    Looking to trade a Mac Mini CD 2GB of RAM for a Dual Core G5 as I type this, actually :)
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    The PSU, and RAM will not work. The HD, Video Card, PCI cards, and airport card will all work with the MDD logic board. I am not sure about the QS CPU (probably will not).

    Why are you just wanting to buy the logic board rather than the whole unit?
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    Thanks for that!
    For me it's cheaper to buy the logic board + CPU than the whole mdd computer.
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    It's a project that I'm doing! I'll post when I'm done! (Soon)
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    Not trolling or anything, but as Zen said, surely the motherboards wont line up? Unless you don't mind butchering the case.

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    I'm not using the case!
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    Parts that are transferable...

    IDE hard drives, IDE cd/dvd rom, video card and pci cards, and the older airport cards (depending on the MDD model).

    parts that can't be transferred...

    the cpu (MDD uses a different cpu design, but has the same connector), ram (Quicksilvers PC-133 vs MDD DDR-266/333), power supply, case.

    As for the Airport card, some MDD models can use the original card, while later models can take the Airport Extreme (802.11g) cards.
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    Will any mdd logic board work with the 1.42GHZ cpu?

    Hi there,
    Will any mdd motherboard work with the mdd 1.42cpu? I know someone who has a mdd logic board from a 1ghz mdd.
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    googlw is your friend.


    1.42GHz DP is 167MHz FSB, so any 167MHz FSB LoBo would take the 1.42GHz CPU.
  12. MacintoshMaster, Jul 12, 2011
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    Thankyou for your reply!
    So I guess the:

    Apple 167MHz FW800 PowerMac G4 Logic Board 630-4496

    would work with the 1.42Ghz?

    Also, Will all my existing parts from the powermac G4 QS work such as the hard drive, graphics card, airport card etc...?
    I understand that the Powermac QS case won't fit, but I'm using a different case so that isn't a problem!

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    There is only one 1.42 and that is the PowerMac G4 1.42 Dual Processor FW800.
    Your hard disk will work, direct swap. The gfx card if it came from dual QS should work, be sure it is 4x AGP. Airport card I am afraid will not. Your RAM from QS will not work on a FW800.
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    A 1.42 ghz MDD cpu will work in a 133 MDD logicboard, but it will be reduced in speed. *aka 933 MHz or something like that* The video card will be transferable. As long as it's not a flashed PC Nvidia 6800. They don't work so well on an MDD. The IDE hard drives and CD rom will work. The memory on the other hand will not work so you will need to get DDR ram (DDR-400 will work and run at DDR-333 speeds in the MDD). As for the Airport card, if the MDD has an 802.11b connector like on the QS, then yes, it will work. If not, then you will need to upgrade to a Airport g card like in the iMac G5 and Powermac G5's.
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    Will the Antec High Current Gamer 520W PSU work with the Apple G4 FW800 Logic Board?

    Hi there,
    I'm doing a custom build computer

    I will be using:

    Apple G4 FW800 Motherboard
    Apple G4 1.42 Ghz CPU
    Nvidia GPU
    Kingston RAM
    Arctic Cooling fans
    Sony DVD drive
    Seagate IDE 120GB
    Antec High Current Gamer 520W PSU

    Will the antec high current gamer work with all these parts?
    I won't be using an apple case so room isn't an issue
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    It won't be a "plug-in-play". I believe you will have to rearrange some of the wires.

    Check here ~~~> http://jimmykirk.com/?p=34

    You will lose the ability to power any ADC compatible monitors too unless you some how come up with the necessary 25v.
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    I can't speak to the PSU issue per se as that's not my area of expertise, but owning a Mirrored Door G4, I often joke about it as my winter space heater because it gets so hot I've burnt up graphics cards in it so many times that I re-programmed the fans to fire up to a higher speed, so if you're going to trick this thing out, I suggest you do the same with the internal fans. Those 1.42 G4 chips get smoking hot quick.

    What Nvidia GPU are you considering by the way?
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    All of your questions that you ask on this forum can be answered with a quick google search.
    Not trying to be rude, but it is just a suggestion. :eek:
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    i would simply upgrade to one from eBay.......it would cost a little bit more, but you wouldn't need a new processor and ram...

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