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Will we have to re-buy iPad Edition apps?

Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by SebZen, Feb 7, 2010.

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    So devs are going to make iPhone apps compatible with iPad, but will we need to buy the iPad Editions for that?

    For example with Brushes, I have the iPhone version. Will the dev just add support for iPad, or will he be releasing a separate iPad app?

    That would suck
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    If you don't want to shell out the extra bucks, you can always just use the iPhone version on the iPad. Of course, you wouldn't get the extra iPad-only features, but you get what you pay for.
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    In some cases yes, in some cases no. Developers can, if they choose it, create universal binary apps with both iPhone and iPad versions in the same app. In that case, you'd buy it once and it will have both the iPad-specifc and iPhone-specific apps in one package. Or, developers could break them down into two apps, in which case you'd have to buy them separately. Dev's might want to do this for three reasons: (1) to charge twice and make more money; (2) keep costs for each version low, so people who buy one version don't subsidize the cost of the other version; or, (3) to keep the size of the apps low and under the 10mb threshold so they can be download over the air to increase impulse purchases. Of course there's reasons for producing a universal binary, too. Short answer: you'll see apps that do it both ways.
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    That doesn't answer the question. We know we have a choice to re-buy or not...

    But will devs add the promised iPad features to the apps or release them as separate iPad edition apps?
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    It depends on the developer. They can either combine the apps or have separate apps. If the app is optimized for the iPad, expect to pay more for it as either a separate app or an in-app purchase. I'm hoping that in-app purchase of an iPad package becomes the norm as that seems the most convenient for the user and keeps the price of the iPhone-only version down.
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    :mad::mad: if that's the case then no way I'm buying an iPad. I was sold on it. But I got a touch 3 weeks ago and spent about $80 worth on apps already. When I heard about the iPad I was going to return the touch and use that money on the iPad.

    I'm not going to repurchase all those apps, screw that.
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    I guess it will be up to the individual developer and also how Apple set up the App Store.

    Maybe the same app will be listed twice, the enhanced iPad version costing more, available for an upgrade fee if you already own the iPhone version.

    You can always use the original iPhone version on the iPad.
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    I'm a developer, and it would just be easier for me to release an iPad only app as opposed to an iPhone / iPad combo app. That way, I can keep the code separate, and each device really is different. That being said, I most likely, will not repackage the same apps for iPad. I will want to create new stuff made just for the iPad.
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    You'll be able to run all those iPhone apps on the iPad, just not enhanced.

    Do you take old DVDs back to the shop and demand Blu-Ray versions for free? :)
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    If the developer chooses to go with the DLC model, then it will be your CHOICE to upgrade if you feel the features warrant the additional cost.

    I was reading something on this on Touch Arcade and for games at least, it seemed like the DLC method was going to be the preferred way of handling.

    But like others have pointed out - your Apps work now and will work on it, just maybe not as cool as the updates. If you like them, then pay for the update!
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    Keep in mind that you can still use every one of those apps as-is on the iPad, they just won't be iPad-optimized. Then if there is a developer that decides to charge for an iPad version, you can choose whether to upgrade or not.

    On a related note, I hope that in general people are willing to pay for well-done iPad versions of iPhone software. We need to support developers who put in the extra effort of using the extra power and screen space of the iPad to really enhance their apps rather than just kind of scaling up the interface without really adding anything (not to be confused with the automatic scaling that the iPad does).
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    Yes, you can use the apps on the iPad, but either they'll be tiny (good luck playing something like Zombieville on it unless you have 7 inch long thumbs), or upscale it and have pixelated graphics and close to unreadable text.

    About the DLC: can you link to the article? Paying, say, $.20-.50 for an iPad upgrade would be fair, but not rebuying the whole app
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    Well the cheapest anything can be is 99 cents.
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    So, rebuying.. since the majority of apps cost 99 cents. Not much of a "DLC" there
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    How are these going to sort on the host computer?

    I would not mind re-buying apps. that I really use. If it is left up to each developer this is going to get confusing. Do you think an app. designed for the iPhone or iTouch might offer some kind of an upgrade notice if you ran it on an iPad? Probably too messy for Apple.
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    It will likely be up to the individual developer.

    I will say any developer who charges again for the iPad application without making significant changes (beyond just maximizing it for the larger screen), is not going to have a fan in me.

    Developers need to realize this is a chance to earn some good will and positive word of mouth about how they deal with consumers, and I think it would be a mistake to money grab.

    If a developer comes up with a significantly enhanced and advanced product then I certainly think they should market it and sell it as such.
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    Mad Mac Maniac

    For all the cheap fart apps sure, but then what's another $1? If I bought a game or utility app for like 10 bucks and then I had the option to upgrade it for like 5 bucks, I would probably hop on that.

    I think it depends how much the developer has to redesign the app. For example if they keep it basically the same just upscale it for a larger screen then that could be a simple $1-2 upgrade, but if they decided to work from the ground up and redesign the app to make use of the full ipad, then I would expect to have to rebuy the app. Maybe get a 25-50% discount at most.
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    Hmm, if devs add free true fullscreen support for free I will be happy.
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    And if people just send developers money for no good reason they'll be happy. I fail to see why any developer should put hours, days or weeks of work in for no return.
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    Maybe I just have a bad attitude, but I forsee that many (i.e. most) paid apps will require a re-buy or some kind of payment to get an enhanced iPad version. For some software this cost will be worth it, as they will likely add in meaningful functionality and enhanced visuals. For others, however, the changes made will probably be minimal and the price charged will be high, and it won't be worth it.

    Alongside the universal binary thing, is it possible to package apps as two products, but sold as one unit? So you would not have to waste space on your iPad/iPod holding universal binaries for the iPod/iPad, the developer could create two binaries and sell them as one. So pay $15 to get both versions (as separate downloads), and then if you only own one device or don't want both, you can get the either/or version for $10 or something.

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    I doubt it'll work that way. My guess would be that your computer will hold both versions, but only the compatible version would get installed on your ipod/ipad.
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    My guess is that's how it'll go down... buy a $2 iPhone App, a $3 iPad version, or both (separate downloads) for $4. I'm sure it'll depend on the apps though. Existing apps for the iPhone might have a different pricing model for iPad versions than brand new apps.

    I have a lot of apps for my iPod Touch, but really only a dozen or so that I really use... and fewer still that I think I'll use on the iPad. Those are the ones I'd "upgrade". For the rest, if I really want them, I can 2x them. Then, I'm sure there will be a class of apps I'll only want for the iPad, for which an iPhone version simply doesn't exist.
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    Free upgrades to iPad optimized apps?

    I have an iphone now and there are a number of apps available in the app store I'd like to buy to use on my iphone now and then later use on an ipad I'm planning on buying. My question is if I buy say Scrabble(or any other app) for iphone now, I know I can use the iphone version on the ipad, BUT can I also get a free upgrade to the ipad optimized version whenever that comes out, since I bought it originally?

    It would really suck if I had a bunch of paid apps for the iphone and then would have to buy them again to have the ipad optimized versions.

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