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Will you sign up For .Mac now that .Mac webmail has been upg...

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Oct 29, 2006.


Will you sign up for .Mac now that .Mac webmail has been upgraded?

  1. Yes

    1 vote(s)
  2. No

    17 vote(s)
  3. I'm already a .Mac member

    20 vote(s)
  4. maybe/undecided

    4 vote(s)
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    Yes I was thinking about it before the upgrade. So this is just as good a reason as any to upgrade.
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    I don't think so... I want to, but it's still too expensive.
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    Just buy it on ebay, you can get it at about half price. I bought my subscription on ebay for about $50 plus shipping. :)
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    Really I didnt think of that. Thank you.
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    I have it now, and other than the email address lock in, I don't have much use for it. The webmail's nice, but I have my laptop with me 99% of the time, so it's redundant.

    How ya gonna wow me, Apple?
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    Which goes to show, I guess, that just because it's made by Apple doesn't mean that it's always worth the $$$.
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    I think it's a step in a new direction- soon more and more will be available on line and less dependant on the users location. Email on line has been around, but now we are seeing personal photo libraries and other sources that used to be confined to the single users machine. Web based services will lead to the opportunity to access all of our content from any computer - simply and easily.
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    I went through two different .Mac trial accounts, with the main aim of using sync'd Safari bookmarks (I already use Gmail) - unfortunately I never got it to work properly.

    I've since switched to Firefox and it's Google Browser Sync plugin.

    Isn't that Google Desktop's aim?
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    Bill Gates

    I would if I weren't on a tight budget.
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    Yeah, I mean, just cos they updated it doesn't make it any more economical for those of us who don't have it cos of $$. Throw on some kind of student pricing option, maybe reduce it to like $50, then we can talk.
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    This change puzzles me. I've no complaints about the new interface, but was this an area that was really holding back people from subscribing or renewing?
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    Agreed. If .Mac webmail is all that one needs, it's too expensive compared to free services from Google.
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    Suggestion for Apple

    I am a .mac member. The new interface online doesn't do much for me since I never go online to get my mail.

    I think that Apple should give Pro Care privleges to it's .mac members.

    Imagine paying $99 for .mac, and $99 for Pro Care, now that is just overboard on anyones budget!
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    it looked like a good thing to add a poll to :p
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    I like some of the things. I will probably get it when Leopard comes out. I like the idea of the widgets being dynamically updated from webpages, and I'm pretty sure those are linked to .Mac.
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    Already have .mac, now give me an iPhone to sync with it :)

    I've already been a .Mac subscriber since I got my first G3 iBook. It's good to see that Apple is still investing in it, it seems like updates to it have been almost non-existent. I think Apple has something up their sleeve. I think this is tied in with the iPhone release. I think Apple is upgrading the web version of their software ahead of a future PDA version of Mail/Address Book/iCal/iPhoto

    Here's what I'm picturing on the iPhone, at least on the larger "PDA" version:

    Mobile Mail client (with IMAP compatibility, with .Mac integration in mind but suitable for any POP3 or IMAP mail server)
    Mobile Address Book (pretty much like all other phones have, but with slick interface)
    Mobile iCal (again, pretty much like other phones/PDAs have)
    Mobile iPhoto (can publish slideshow directly to .Mac from pictures you've taken on phone)
    Moblie iBlog (or some other mobile blogging software)

    One of the major benefits .Mac/iPhone integration will have is the ablility to sync/publish directly to .Mac. This applies not only to Mail, Address Book and iCal, but also to publishing slideshows and blog entries directly from the iPhone.

    It'll be digital nirvana, I tell ya!

    I expect we might also see the following updates to .Mac ahead of the iPhone release:

    - Web 2.0 update to the web iCal (to bring it up to par with what competitors are offering, in preparation with a major .Mac marketing push after the release of the iPhone)
    - Ability to publish blog entries by email (this will essentially enable publishing blog entries from an MMS enabled iPhone, since sending an MMS message to an email address is essentially the same as sending an email).
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    Emphasis mine- I hope to god this guy meant CompUSA, because if I worked at CompuServe and got a call bitchin about .Mac, I'd have to squirt Pepsi out of my nose and onto my desk.
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    I like your vision!!! If .mac + iPhone offer 50% of this from the start, I'll be there with cash in hand for an iPhone!! I hope you are tuned into Apple's plan... :)
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    its a bit pricy for me... and i already have enough mail accounts!

    can you manage pop3 accounts from the new webmail interface? can you sync the contents of Mail.app with .Mac?
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    I don't see myself paying $99 a year to have these services...:mad:

    I use google for most of the services...:cool:
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    Free mail?

    I would like it if Apple offered a 20mb mail-adress free, and you could pay for the rest of the package. a .mac mail is the coolest adress you can get on the internet, but it doesn't help much when you have to pay $99 for a mail-adress.. :/ For now I'll use Gmail, even though I'm sceptical towards Google. I hope to find an easy-to-remember equivalent soon..
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    with the fear of sounding like a snot, I kinda have to wonder why so many people think that $99 a year is so horrendously expensive. It's basically like having a 1gb flash drive, an email address, a syncing address book/calendar and a way to share photos online... and it's only about the price of taking your significant other and yourself out to a nice dinner. come on now, you people have to do that more than once a year, right? o_O

    regardless, the new online .mac mail is pretty sweet... nothing all that amazing, but cool nonetheless :)

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