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    Link: Win a copy of Office 2008 in the “A Thousand Pictures are Worth a Word” Contest
    Description:: We’ve all seen those top ten lists of killer Mac setups that cost more than your car, house, and family. Well,we understand that most of our readers can only dream of those killer setups, and are currently getting by on beat-to-hell machines held together by gaffer’s tape and love.

    So, send us in some pics of your most pathetic (but functioning) Mac setup, along with specs and a description of what’s wrong (ie, CD drive has gum in it, FireWire ports actually on fire) and if we think it’s the crappiest, we’ll send you out a brand new, full version of Microsoft Office 2008

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    Dec 27, 2001
    my computer sucks, but it doesn't look all that crappy.

    Maybe I'll break out the sandpaper.

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