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Winamp for Mac?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by TrailerTrish, Aug 23, 2012.

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    Is it at all possible to get a version of Winamp that will run on an old G4 MDD running Leopard? I've been trying for quite a while now and just run into one dead-end after another. Twocows was supposed to have it, and I downloaded the .sit file, which turned out to be a text file full of garbage.
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    The real question is: Does it really whip the llamas ass?
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    Excuse me, but that one just went right over my head. I'm sure I'll be laughed at, but what does that mean?
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    Hey! I got it! Wow! And it runs on my machine! This is truly groovy!



    Okaaaayyyyy..... I still don't get it. Why would anyone wish to visit physical damage on a llama in support of an MP3 player?

    I must be a bit thick here, or something, but I cannot seem to make the connection between the llama and the software....
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    Don't feel bad, you're not alone on this one.
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    Another search revealed this:
    from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nullsoft
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    Did none of you use Winamp back when it first came out? If you had you recognize the sound clip.
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    I did use it, even played with the visualisations and was bummed, that iTunes was so restricted with that feature, but I eventually grew out of my viz phase (smoking weed is really fun with some extra viz) and didn't look back, though the past years iTunes has become quite a big pile of excrement, thus I wish, something simple as Winamp would exist. MacAmp is not that visually appealing though.

    And I hadn't I searched for that video, I wouldn't have been reminded of that sound, which I haven't heard for almost a decade (Winamp version 2 was my last one, though I still remember version 5 and was confused, why there was no version 4.

    And again, a www search brought me here. Man, I am bad at this, am I not?

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