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WinAmp is...

Discussion in 'Wasteland' started by Royal Pineapple, May 30, 2003.

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    Royal Pineapple

    this is kinda funny


    What is Winamp? A player you say? No, no baby. Winamp is much more than that.

    Winamp is a lifestyle. It is freestyle. Give me a word. Versatility? Yeah. Visionary? Of course. Community? Now you're talking.

    Winamp lives because it's users have a life.

    Winamp is in the coffee house. On the laptop. Of the guy. Who is writing the screenplay. That you will be watching next year.

    Winamp is on the screen. In the club. Where the DJ plays the tracks. That get you through the night.

    Winamp is with you. When you take your playlist. Push it to the ether. And share the music that you love. With all of humanity.

    Winamp lets you put together the soundtrack. That runs in the background of your mind. And allows you to define your life.

    Winamp is your skin. Allowing you to look and feel the way you want.

    Winamp is what it is and nothing more. But you are the one who makes it. Winamp is there for you. It is yours. What happens next? You tell me. Download Winamp.

    -jonathan "feel the love" ward
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    winamp is teh suck.

    winamp used to rock your socks. it used to be symbolic of a semisociety of people that bucked the norms and scoffed at record label oppression. then they were bought by aol, gnutella was forced to be dropped, and they laid out the dog of winamp 3.0. oh what a sad day. i used to love nullsoft man.
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    Re: WinAmp is...

    Sounds more like iTunes. In fact, pretty much all of this could be said of iTunes. Perhaps even moreso than Winamp. :D

    So nice of Winamp to allow me to definie my life. :rolleyes:

    See last comment.
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    ughhhhh I hate winamp. WMP is a lot better IMHO.
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    Boo to both of them. By the end of the year, WMP, Winamp and MM Jukebox will all be gathering dust on my PC.

    Why? Simple.

    iTunes for Windows.
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    WA3 does suck.

    i love WA2 - by itself its crap, but with the right plugins, you've got a very powerful beast ;)
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    I agree. I hope apple releases this sooner than later. I want it sooooooooo bad! ;)
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    For you scem0, I hope that Steve will announce the the Windows version at WWDC. If that's not the plan then maybe at the MWNY Pro Conference! :cool:
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    WWDC seems too soon. I bet it will be at MWNY or later.
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    What MWNY? Why would they annouvce it there? I thought they wern't going.
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    i likw winamp...itunes doesnt play videos
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    I didn't mean at the expo. I just meant around that time.
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    I used the WinAmp beta for the Mac

    Before iTunes and SoundJam, I used WinAmp the beta version for Mac. it was ok for a beta application and a limited one at that..........I do miss the old Nullsoft.....before they were bought by AOL.
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    Oh, in that case, I agree. :D
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    They are calling it MacWorld Creative Pro Conference & Expo, being held in NYC at the Jacob Javits Center July 14 - 18, 2003. Apple is listed as an exhibiotr at the World Class Exposition. There will be and "Apple Feature Presentation" on Wednesday , July 16 9:30am to continue its long standing tradition. No indication of who will be speaking yet though!
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    iTunes is definitley better than Winamp, imo. I think that iTunes for Windows will be a sucess!

    I wonder if Steve Jobs will be presenting a Keynote at the MWNY Pro Conference. :confused:
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    i can't believe you guys trash winamp like this. it doesn't matter that you think iTunes is better, that doesn't make winamp bad. winamp is very visually versatile, much moreso than iTiunes, and is a perfectly fine player. so it isn't for large music libraries. not everyone has a big music library. really, people, why must you diss it?
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    I'm sorry, but contrary to what it says in that poem, whoever wrote it does NOT have a life. It's a ******* mp3 player man for ***** sake.
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    lol. you took it seriously? he's using hyperbole, a sophisticated rhetorical style. granted, he's not using it with sophistication, but he is more than likely joking. if he knew you were coughing it up like this over it, he'd probably laugh at you.
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    sorry but I never cared for winamp myself.
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    **** you you **** ******* **** lady.
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    i find it so striking that you all oppose this program so deeply. winamp is sort of a reason i switched to a mac. one of the things i love about macs and OS X is the aesthetic, the clean sense of it that apple has and the way they value it in making programs. winamp is sort of similar. its developers, with 3, allowed you to do all kinds of incredible stuff with your player window. free form was just so cool with all those incredible skins that graphic artists occasionally came out with. i really thought that some of them were great. it's stuff like that that made me see the value of looks in the OS and basically how much MS sucked at doing that. i never had but about 400 mp3s while i used it though, and i just pur them in a playlist in order by artist, album (chronologically), and track number. it worked great. i never observed any sound quality issues. what's the issue with it?
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    Nonono, MAIL lady.

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