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Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by gneville, Mar 1, 2013.

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    Morning all,

    When i boot into windows 7 I noticed the battery life is very poor and the MBA gets really hot.

    If i try update the intel drivers I get BSOD.

    So my question - what are the latest Apple-released windows 7 drivers, and how often do they get updated?

    Thanks in advance :cool:
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    Part of the Boot Camp install process involves you making a flash drive (or some other removable storage) containing the drivers so you can install them in Windows. If you don't have such a thing, go back to Boot Camp Assistant and create it. These drivers are updated when they're updated, it depends on when Apple has a reason to do so.
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    Here you'll find the Bootcamp drivers for Windows 7. It's sorted by model type.
    You could download for your version and extract the needed drivers from the file.
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    Yep that's how I did the initial install.. The drivers seem poor for Windows, I just wondered if there was a driver repository somewhere of more up to date drivers that are MBA compatible.
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    If there are any drivers on the internet, they're not likely to be certified to work with a Mac just because Apple tends to have pretty tight control over these things. Drivers from part manufacturers sometimes work, but if you're getting BSODs, then I suppose they don't in your case. :p

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