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Windows 8600M GT drivers?

Discussion in 'Windows, Linux & Others on the Mac' started by flipkid1021, Jul 20, 2007.

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    Where can i get a Legit Driver for my 8600M GT 256mb for windows. i am hearing so many different websites so im nearly completely lost. which is the right driver?

    Thank you.
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    As far as I know the only driver you can use with the 8600GT on the Mac is the driver that came with Boot Camp (that CD you burned). The "legit" drivers from Nvidia don't work.
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    Well.. is the drivers burned going to play my counterstrike source well enough? like a solid fps. i tried running CS through crossover and my FPS was horrible. dropped bad
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    Crossover's still pretty early in development. With the drivers you burned during the BootCamp setup, you'll be able to run any of the CS games just fine.
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    hhmm y would u wanna run ur games via crossover when u can run windows.

    id follow raven's suggestions and use the bootcamp drivers that apple has provided.
    the drivers really should work i have seen many youtube videos from the new SR mbp's with the bootcamp drivers running at amazing fps's

    edit: btw did u install the "quartz" component that comes in the install disk 1 from ur osx disk?? it asks you to do this wen u originally open the program.
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    You can go to laptopvideo2go.com and get the latest 8600 drivers with a modded .inf file that will allow it to install on your MBP.
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    my problems fixed

    I just downloaded and installed the drivers from laptopvideo2go.com last night they work great.


    All you have to do is download the driver, extract it to a folder, then download the "modded inf" copy and over write the file that is currently in the folder you just extracted. then from there, I uninstalled the previous driver, restart, then ran a regular setup and everything was good.

    Also before I had noticed my NHL 07 was running horribly, it ran a bit better with this driver, but still choppy with all settings on low. I did a bit more researching and turns out the problem was with the affinity (fancy word for how many processors the program was using). Funny enough, the game was running choppy because it was using both processors. I alt+ctrl+del, then on the game process I right click and then at the bottom of the menu there is a option to set affinity, I just unclicked the second processor, then went back into the game and it was silky smooth. I set all settings up to the highest with the resolution also maxed and still super smooth.

    I can now see the power this sr macbook pro has.

    So I suggest if your game is looking good but gameplay is choppy, try changing the affinity, it worked wonders for me!
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    WOW mate thats amazing... must be some coding error! this machine really does have a lot of power!! im so happy for you!!!!
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    i tried installing those drivers zane

    For me, I got an error that the installer couldn't install an nvucode file of some sort.. I cancelled the installation, because continuing got me the blue screen of death. Any advice?

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