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Windows Experience Index on 2011 MBA i7

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by ZBoater, Aug 9, 2011.

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    Just for giggles I ran the Windows Experience Index and I got:

    Processor: 6.9
    Memory (RAM): 5.5
    Graphics: 5.6
    Gaming Graphics: 6.3
    Primary Hard Disk: 6.9

    Considering the scale is from 1.0 to 7.9, that pretty darn good! What's your WEI?
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    eww those graphics are terrible

    They should have put a real graphics card inside it. Or they should develop an external graphics card for thunderbolt like Sony did, except they used a mobile external card which was utterly retarded.
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    WEI was never really considered to be an accurate benchmarking tool, especially now since you can build a computer with mid-range parts that can score close to straight 7.9s.

    But for an ultraportable laptop those scores are the pretty good!
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    They should have included a pony and a bucket of magic pixie dust too. :rolleyes:

    They are not terrible at all. A 6.3 out of 7.9 in gaming graphics terrible? Pick another word please. That one just doesn't apply.
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    It is pretty terrible though by todays standards. The intel gfx only gets like 4k 3dmark 06 which will let you play current games on low if you are lucky. It's funny pairing an i5 or i7 with useless graphics cards. Powerful processors are complimented by powerful graphics otherwise you are left with a super powerful facebook/internet machine which is fine, by why pay $1k for that?
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    These laptops are not for gaming. You don't need a powerful graphics card to do work with videos, autoCAD, and etc; but a stronger processor helps immensely.

    The premium price is for the ultra portability, and also the SSD blades in the Airs are not cheap.
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    this is from my 2010 13inch ultimate
    Processor: 5.7
    Memory (RAM): 5.9
    Graphics: 5.3
    Gaming Graphics: 6.0
    Primary Hard Disk: 6.9

    somehow the memory score is better than yours.
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    Mine index is slightly different for my 13" 2011 Ultimate:

    Processor: 6.9
    Memory: 5.9
    Graphics: 5.7
    Gaming: 6.3
    Disk: 6.8
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    And they say the 2010 13" gets better graphics in Windows -_-
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    Well the Windows Experience Index isn't a great benchmark for evaluating performance. You would honestly get better results with tarot cards.

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