Windows guy considering a Mac, opinions?

Discussion in 'Switch Stories' started by EvilHorace, Jan 3, 2003.

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    Unlike many here who seem to hate MS Windows, I can't really complain about the version I prefer and run on 5 PCs including the one I use at work, Win2000.

    I've been building my own PCs for years and don't really NEED another computer but after hearing, reading Mac people boast about their Macs, I'm curious. To be totally honest, I've never even used a Mac but I'm seriously considering buying a good used Mac just to give it a trial run and see how I like it.
    I have a decent digital camera and although my pics look good to me on my PCs, it's been said that pics look better on Macs.

    I'm looking at several G4s at Ebay and some are seemingly "affordable". Before I take the plunge, does anyone here have any opinions, suggestions on what to stay away from for a novice Mac user (newbie)? I'm open to any ideas, what's a "must have" vs "don't get ...."

    Speed wise, how does a G4 450mhz rate against an Intel cpu in comparison? I don't need dual cpus or 1ghz of ram but I'd like something that's reasonably fast so that I'm not dissapointed. My fastest PC runs an AMD 1.4 ghz T-bird cpu with a Seagate cheatah 15,000 rpm SCSI HDD (worlds fastest HDD) and 500 mhz of PC 2700 DDR ram.

    At this point I'm not considering a drastic "switch" per-se, I'd just like a Mac to play with.
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    have you considered an iBook? If you're in any need for a laptop... it might be a nice way to not duplicate hardware.

    What kind of price range are you thinking?

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    A G4 450 desktop is old tech, 1.5-2 years old. I strongly recommend the lowest-end iBook ($999 for a 12.1" G3 700mhz model). It runs OS 10.2 well and it's a great machine for the price. The desktop might be cheaper at first (though not by much, I'd figure) but the extra cost of a display and the most current version of OS X would heavily cut into the savings. Plus the iBook would have much better resale value.

    good luck.
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    My laptop's only a little over 1 yr old so it'll be fine for a while. I'm thinking of another desktop, tower type unit.
    Price range? Maybe about $500? I see some in that range but I'm a bit concerned that some might not be so good when I see others selling for MUCH more, even with similar specs, options.
    I don't need another monitor either as I have a decent 19" that's suppose to work with Macs too, even though I've heard that "G4s come with monitors" from another source.

    Here's a quote from a guy at another non-computer related site but we were talking about Apple computers:
    I can say that Apple monitors show color much better than most of the CRTs around. I use a 17 inch Apple monitor at home hooked up to my kids computer and Pajama Sam looks so much better on it than on my Gateway it's ridiculous. Some day I'll steal it.

    Would I then be dissapointed w/o a true "Mac monitor"?
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    The G4 iMac has a flat panel display built in.. but the G4 towers do not come with any kinda monitors. Punch your source.
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    I'd still go with the iBook

    Very small, still not too expensive, faster, better resale value, newest OS (10.2 vs. some older version of X)
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    As for notebooks, mine is not really a necessity. I don't need it for work nor am I a student so it's really nothing more than a convenience (portability) around the house compared to my stationary desktops. Mine uses a wireless nic so it goes anywhere but I still prefer my desktop.
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    If your looking for a G4 with a warrenty by company try or
    they had a good special recently on a 450mhz G4 with a 17in CRT studio display for $1000.

    Good luck!
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    since you said you build your own PC's here is another option for you.

    Go for an even older tower if it will be cheaper and then buy and upgrade card. That way you pay less initially and then can possibly end up with a faster computer then what you could buy for the amount of money you want to spend.

    Though, I agree with everyone about the iBook since its pretty cheap, you could also consider and eMac which is pretty cheap and not portable. You also wouldnt need a monitor for that as its built in. Yes its bigger since it's a crt, but maybe after the 7th if new eMacs are released you can buy the older model for less.

    Just consider it, that would give you a pretty up-to-date machine and only cost a little bit more then what you'll get on ebay I think.
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    "upgrade card" ? What exactly is that?

    Usually when I feel the need to upgrade my main PC, by the time much faster stuff's current (like really every few months IF one wants to be "state of the art", a costly proposition), upgrading the PC usually means: 1) new motherboard 2) new cpu 3) new ram and depending on how fast, how new one wants that to be, it can be a costly process.
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    Hmmm I'm also gonna 'switch' - and I noticed that most have 'books' - what am I gonna DO with a 'book' why are they so popular? Also what's everyones opinion on the IMac (you get it all! Monitor included) thou I do like the G4 :-( Thanks!
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    I switched in October 2002 to a 17" iMac and I just love it. Is it as fast as the PC I use at work? I don't know or care really. The iMac does everything I need it to do at home. I would wait until after MWSF to see if there are any new/discontinued computers before you start spending your money.

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    I'm a recent convert. I Bought the powerbook with the superdrive. Why did I switch...... Well, a couple of reasons. First, macs work. I spent an hour and a half on the phone with apple, an hour on the phone with my cable modem people, and in the end, it just worked. Why, I don't know, it just did. Second, mac's are a fellowship. I never had a group of guys (and gals) who I could go to to help me make something work. Here, I do. Third, I'm a lawyer. I actually keep track of the MS cases and I have actually read the license agreements MS puts out. When I upgraded from 98 to xp, I read the agreement, and noted the differences, and decided, then and there, never to use MS again.

    Take that for what it is worth.
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    Thanks Glenn I was rather impressed by the IMac myself, would have gone down today (with hubby - want him to learn too!), but 'snowstorm' and I was 'advised' to 'wait' to see what this Steve has to say <g>... If you're happy than I guess it will be good enough for me. Thou I was also impressed by the G4 Desktop (but costs TOO much :-( ).... Jeanne
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    I agree Mcrain <spg> people here are VERY nice and VERY helpful - thou I may have a good friend mad at me when I 'convert' LOL...
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    Your friend might be mad, until they try using your new Mac. Apple hatred aside they just might fall for it.
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    We could use some of your snow here in Minnesota.

    I don't think you'd be disapointed by the iMac. As a 15+ year user of dos/windows, I finally got fed up with programs crashing and paying for Microsoft programs that should have stayed beta for a lot longer than they did.

    As mcrain has said, the mac and its users are a fellowship who will try and help you the best that they can. I don't know if any windows users could describe themselves as enthusiastic. They have a windows machine because they use one at work.

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    If you're going to buy a used tower from ebay or somewhere else, you're probably going to have to buy a copy of Jaquar in order to experience OSX in its latest and greatest form.

    It used to be $129 but I think you can get it now for about $80.
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    Get the ibook.
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    Thanks, Electric, Glenn, Pilot & Coca Cola

    Thanks for your letters - I am considering the IMac (gonna have to wait a bit longer than I wanted to :-( - but definately gonna try it!)

    Hey if I don't like it I can go back to a pc - - - much later (IF I do!)....

    As for my friend - naaa won't happen - guess he's had bad dealings with Apple - dunno. I decided he doesn't have to know. He's the one I would have to turn to when I had 'puter problems - now I won't have to - just run down to the Mac place, IF and when I have a 'problem'.... Hubby likes that idea - being able to go 'right' back to the place where we buy it!

    Jeanne (wish the pension check was bigger than I thought - it'll take awhile to be regulated).... But I WILL buy a Mac <3

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    Figure on a 450MHz G4 equalling somewhere between a 500 and 700MHz Pentium 3 depending on the task. My friend has one, it's definetely not a bad machine, but not a speed demon either.
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    How much is the g4 on ebay, what are it's spec's, if the machine is a AGP supported, gigabit E net model, for $700 you could buy an upgrade card from Here
    You can propably endup with a dual 1 ghz system for about a little over $1200 :)
    happy hunting, welcome to the Mac cumminity if you decide to buy a mac.
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    I'm a little curious about your last couple of lines. I do not use a PC unless it's a worst case scenario, so if you wouldn't mind embelishing a little about MS's agreement, I'd appreciate it. If is not something you can do, I'll understand. Thanks.

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    upgrading from cheatah to panther

    :cool: what is the best way to do this kind of upgrade,and how expensive?
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    You know this thread is from 2003 right?:confused:

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