Windows PC crashed and Now I have a Mac

Discussion in 'iPod' started by Daddy280, Jul 7, 2011.

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    So here is the real problem. My laptop crashed before I could backup my itunes music off of the computer. The motherboard/display is shot but the hard drive is still working. Anyway, now that I have a Mac, I need to sync to my Ipod to my Mac. I am fanatical about my music and I can lose my music playlists, covers, ratings and # of plays. I do have all of my music saved in a file without everything that I would like to bring over. If i sync my Ipod to the Mac it will wipe it clean or keep the music without updating the ratings and plays on the Mac version of my music. Anyone know of a way where I can sync and keep my music and have it update correctly on the Mac? I do have an older backup of my ipod somewhere, but it is windows formatted. Any way to keep everything on my Ipod and synch to my mac?

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    if the hard drive still works, get an external enclosure for it and plug it in. you shouldn't have any trouble getting the music from it.
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    Blondie :)

    expod for mac should be what you need. I had a hard drive crash too. But all I needed to do was use this software. It lets you pull all of your music off of your ipod. It allows you to browse through all of the files on your iPod as well. So, if you find the .plist file on your ipod, you should still have all of your song data as well
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    Where would someone be able to obtain an external enclosure?
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    Pretty much any computer store, or any online retailer like newegg

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