Phones Windows Phone 7.8 / 8 ... so tempted....

Discussion in 'Alternatives to iOS and iOS Devices' started by I am Sampson, Jun 29, 2012.

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    Anyone else think Windows Phone 7 (or better yet, 8) is georgous?

    Really tempted to consider a windows 8 phone when the come out... someone tell me how silly that is :rolleyes:

    Perhaps iPhone "5" will have something to impress me otherwise, though I'm feeling less and less confident in that tbh.
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    yep, for the first time I am thinking of doing the same. Been with iPhone since the 3G but the same old UI and elongated screen is not innovation. Windows phone for me.
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    Couldn't agree more guys. I'm making the switch if the iPhone 5 doesn't provide anything very 'special'.
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    It's going to be another 3 years before Windows Phone becomes worth buying.
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    Definitely not the case.

    If anything W7 and W7.5 users were beta testers for W8. Can't wait to see the hardware for W8. The time is now to but a W8 device.
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    I really hate the tile UI. It's ugly and disorganized- even my technology illiterate mom thinks so!
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    People said that about WP7.5 as well...and look what happened.
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    Not at all I dislike the look of windows phone. But if you want to get it go for it. I prefer android/iOS myself.
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    I switched to WP7.5 for a while and for the most part I loved it. The only downsides for me was the awful music store and music player compared to iOS. I also missed the better selection of Apps (and their price) from the App Store. The phone I had (Samsung Omnia 7) had a crappy camera which also marred the experience somewhat, but that was obviously not the fault of the OS. On the whole I really enjoyed the experience though and I'm sorely tempted to try again when they go to Windows 8. Although I'm about to enter into another two year contract with an iPhone 4S :)
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    'Track 8' from the app store is the windows phone music app. I much prefer it, looks and feels great. I think, but the time the new phones come out that all the major apps will be out for it. It's moving fast.
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    I don't know why. 7.5 didn't have enough features to even compete with ICS or iOS 5. W8 is a massive update for Windows users. It's on par with Android and iOS feature wise now.

    7.5 definitely wasn't ready.
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    If Windows 8 was out 5 months ago I would have given it serious consideration

    It runs amazing on all types of hardware, looks great to my eyes, and should have a proper ecosystem due to the unified W8 architecture.

    Prior, it lacked apps, and an acceptable screen. Single core CPU was not future proof either as apps gets more demanding. The demands of the apps will far exceed the demands of the UI.

    That all seems to be addressed.

    The HTC One X with Windows 8 would be a real screamer.
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    The largest I want from WP8 is competition. The more the better in my eyes.
    Never underestimate the amount of money MS will throw at anything to make the public buy it and this will be the same, personally I think WP8 will give the iPhone a run for its money.
    I also see a Nokia buyout from MS too.
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    As much as I bash the iPhone these days, this is just hopelessly incorrect. WP10 or 11 might pose a challenge to the iPhone, but yeah, sorry, WP8 is still behind both of its competitors.
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    I moved from the 3GS to the Titan and I'm still loving it. It's a far better suited platform for me (especially as I don't own a Mac). If you like the look of Metro I seriously recommend trying a Windows Phone (but wait til 8 to buy). It's beautiful and stunningly simple and quick for everyday use. I navigated it far quicker in the first few days than my iPhone which I had for 2 years. I still don't regret my Titan after the 7.8 announcement, I won't be missing anything crucial. I'll probably be buying a WP next time around too.

    I know I sound like a Windows Phone advertisement right now but it is seriously just that good.
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    I will be keeping a very close eye on WP8 but I'm wondering if they will manage to get their app store as popular as ios app store. I love the live tiles and I am still amazed that the iphone clock and weather tiles don't display the current time and temp.
    They do have the xbox catalogue at their disposal and I also see their games being more expensive which could attract more devs over to it instead of the current ios app store of cheap and filled with IAPs we have.
    The only thing I hate it they have not managed to get anyone that produces a phone with the amazing form factor of the iphone4, the guy that designed that is a genius.
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    I think the Lumia designs are sexy as hell.
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    First off:

    You don't want a windows 7.8 product. That's a dead end no further upgrade path. Nokia Lumia 900/Titan 2/Focus 2 owners are really getting short end of the stick. Essentially brand new phones Microsoft is not allowing full upgrade to windows 8.

    Windows 7.8 is basically a "skinned" windows 8 and runs on a different kernel than the brand new windows 8 software.

    So yes, consider Windows 8. Do not consider windows 7.8.
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    Wow... Got to say I'm surprised by the positive views on this forum!
    I will defo be keeping an eye on it, though messing with my iPad / iMac Eco system will be a pain, espeically as I'd hate to get rid of my
    MobileMe email.
    We hall see, metro is lovely, love it on my laptop.
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    Windows Phone is pretty nice & solid. But if your a huge app person, I would stay away at the moment.
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    Windows phones do look intriguing but I do wonder about the long term viability of them. I think its was a HUGE mistake MS to cut off current owners to windows 8. Especially Lumina 900 owners, that phone was supposed to be the flagship model for windows phones and here its not able to get the upgrade. Its not like Nokia didn't know the details of windows 8 before designing the phone, they're in bed with MS.
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    I love Windows Phone, and was one of the people back in the day who even defended the Zune (love Metro). But, the app market is still pretty bad for them, unfortunately. Twitter just got updates today to have notifications (last update was in 2010).

    Whenever I consider switching to a phone I look at all my current apps, and find equivalents on the alternative OS. Android is at that place, but Windows Phone just isn't there yet.

    However, if you're used to just using stock apps, and a few games, I can't see you hurting from a switch. But definitely wait for WP8 devices, you don't want to be left behind with WP7.8.
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    I bought a Lumia 710 just to piss around with, at first I loved it, but evetually the little annoyances came out, lack of key apps, apps more expensive, if you buy a song and accidentally delete it you can't redownload it at least here in the UK, it doesn't back up setting etc like iTunes, the list could go on. It looks gorgeous but its just not there yet.

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