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windows watch

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by chewbaccapits, Jan 19, 2003.

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    Why on earth would anyone need a watch like that :(

    The great part: Steve unveiling the two new PowerBooks and even Safari at MacWorld SF got more news coverage than CES and Bill Gates' talking about some dumb watch.
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    Translation : "Here at Microsoft, we know how important selling our products to wankers the world over is to our market share. Microsoft on the wrist brings us closer than ever to our typical customers" :D

    sorry if this offends, It seemed funny when I thought of it.
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    i'm gonna blame the washington post for this one, since they were so late in covering it, but there have been numerous theads dealing with this already, some going back a couple of weeks...

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    "Illegal Operation, Time May Not be Viewed" I personally prefer my Seiko Kinetic watch. I guess it's neat if your into a stupid watch like that.

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    I tried the Timex Data Sync a while back... Sorry, the screen is just too small.
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    A watch face is just too small to display all of this information.

    A wrist watch serves two purposes: 1) to tell time. 2) fashion accessorie. For all the other things we have cell phones and PDA's and it won't be long before these are one in the same. I think Handspring already has one.

    The SuperPass concept seems much more likely. Kind of like an electronic key or credit card that allows access to things like gas pumps, ATM's, vending machines, toll booths, security gates. Anywhere that the swipe of a card could be replaced by the wave of your arm.

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