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Winston-Salem, NC

Discussion in 'iPhone Purchaser Meetups' started by zildjianfan, Jun 14, 2008.

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    Anyone who wants to meetup (I'm planning on going to the one on S Stratford) for the launch or knows any information (time, if they will sell out, stock, etc).

    EDIT: Going to AT&T store, not Apple Store (main reason....we don't have one nearby, haha)
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    Never mind. I'm just going to go to one of the three stores in GSO.
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    Cool, I never thought W-S would be on the list. Anyway I was planning on the Stratford Rd store as well. I think they have the best service reps. of any at&t store in town. I live closer to the Summit Square store but they are horrible. However, they are a larger store and might have more inventory. This is all new to me. So I have no idea when to show up. I've already been approved to be off work that day. Earliest I want to show up is 10 am if it goes on sale at 6 pm.
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    Always great to see some fellow Piedmont NC Macheads out here!

    Did the S. Stratford AT&T corporate store near the Krispy Kreme have the new iPhone?
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    I'm not too sure who has what but I'm going to call them closer to launch date...I'll post when I find out.

    Anyone know how likely they are to sell out (did they last time or anything)? I was planning on getting to the store a few hours early, but if it will sell out I may go earlier (I hope not).
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    I was thinking about going to the store on Hanes Mall Blvd.
    I went there last year.
    They recently moved across the street into a bigger store.

    Last year... i showed up probably around 12pm on launch day and was like #5 in line. There were probably no more than 10 people in line up to 1 hour before launch. Soon after it ramped up until 6pm when I would say there were 30 or so people in line. I don't think they sold out.. but i don't know.

    Ohh.. i remember last year someone said that at the stratford rd store, they bought people in line free Chick-fil-a.. but I don't know if this was true.
    They didn't buy us anything at the Hanes Mall Blvd store.
    Tim Clodfelter from the Winston Salem Journal stopped by and asked us a few questions.

    I am still not sure what I am going to do...
    I am planning on at least getting 1 for my girlfriend and add it on as a family plan. Should I take off work [off at 7pm]?, should I get one myself? 8 or 16G? Black or white? So many choices.

    A couple of months ago, the screen on my phone became cracked [not sure if it was my fault.] I bought the AppleCare extra warranty, but Apple says it's not covered. My touchscreen still works, there is just 1 crack across the corner of the screen...
    They said they would repair it for $250...
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    thanks for the info mudskip!
    I was considering the at&t store on hanes as well, but wasn't sure if they sell iphones. You think the lines will be the same as last year?
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    The folks at the Hanes Mall Blvd location are clueless. I strongly recommend the company store over near the Krispy Kreme on South Stratford.

    I ended up being billed for two concurrent data access plans on my Blackberry when I last went to the Hanes store. Twice what I should have paid. The Stratford rep took care of everything and fixed the insanity. :)
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    I'll be at the new one they put up across from Target. It's pretty nice inside (even though that's not where we'll get to wait.) This will be my first iPhone. I'm actually getting a blackberry today though. My nextel contract ended yesterday so I cancelled the line and my parents have at&t so I'm just adding a line to their plan and adding the data. AT&T people said I can get a blackberry now and trade it in for an iPhone when it comes out since it's under 30 days away from launch.
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    Despite Gromit's advice, I think i'll be there with you Blitz.

    I am taking off work that day.
    I have a crazy plan to go down to the Google plant in Lenoir and beg for a job.. even though I am not qualified for any of the positions they have posted online.
    After i get back, i'll get in line.

    As to the question concerning line formation this year...
    I have no clue...
    On one hand, iPhone has been out for a while, so it's not such as shiny, new, and awesome as it was last year... On the other hand.. it will now be $200-$400 cheaper than last year... which is something I'm sure kept more people at bay for last year's launch.
    It will be very interesting to see what happens.
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    This is going to piss some/all of you off but....

    I can have the woman at the at&t store hold me one. So I don't know if I'll be standing in line all night. I feel kind of guilty but on the other hand, I really want an iPhone (I'm going crazy thinking about the remote feature w/ my Macbook Air.)

    I may still end up going though just to be the geek I really am and show up with my Apple stuff....well my two apple products.
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    How'd you manage that...employees aren't supposed to hold any phones for anyone?
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    Yea I know but I know someone that works there. Not sure if I'm going to ask them to hold it or not. I know it looks bad from a distance but I have a feeling many others would tell the person to hold onto it if they were in my position.
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    Hey, if you've got an advantage, go for it!
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    Now that we know AT&T stores are going to sell iPhone 3G @8am, what time is everyone planning on getting in line?

    Is 6am early enough?

    Also.. i was planning on getting the $69.99 plan and adding on a family plan for $39.99...
    But with the announcement the other day that the cheapest family plan for 2 iPhone 3Gs is $129.99... will adding the $39.99 to the $69.99 be an option? I don't really need the extra minutes. $129.99 is $10 short of just having 2x $69.99 non family plans.

    iPhone 3G plans
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    I'm not sure, but I was thinking about that time. I went to the S Stratford store today and they said they don't know what to expect (stock included). The lady said last year people lined up 12 hours before launch...granted that didn't mean an overnight stay like it would this time. She also said they sold out in 45 minutes. If they sell out they'll get more stock right away.
    Ill be getting the $69.99 plan + $5 texting, and a 16gb black phone.
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    I think I am going to the new store across from Target. I talked to a guy in there this weekend and he said they will be selling it. They also had a pretty snazzy display up for it already. I will probably go up there around 1am just to see if anyone is up there yet. I am going to get the $89.99 plan + $15 texting, haven't decided on the phone yet.
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    I've decided.

    I think I've decided.

    I'm going to get the 69.99 plan + $5 for 200 text messages.

    If got 1 extra iPhone on a family plan, like i wanted to, the bill would have gone from 59.99 to at least $129.99... more than double..
    That does not seem right to me.
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    So can I get a head count here for everyone going to the one across the street from Target?

    I think I'm going to get the 8GB iPhone because I know they're coming out with a 32GB one later on this year or next spring that I can swap out this one for. I also found out that 3 CD Albums in my iTunes on my MBA is half a GB so I think 8GB overall should be enough for me.

    I also have a 30gb iPod and it's only half full (or half empty depending how you look at it lol)
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    What do you mean?

    My mother has a family plan with 2100 minutes. I pay 9.99/month to add a line, 30 for the data plan w/ iphone (20/data 10/3G) and 5 for 200 text messages so it comes out to 45/month. Where do you get 129.99 from?
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    I'll be there.
    Rationale for getting extra space:
    Movies/TV/video podcasts
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    From here.

    I called and talked to an AT&T store person, and they said $129.99 was the lowest you could get 2 iPhones 3G on a plan for. If you add on a 3rd, 4th, and 5th iPhone 3G, they are $39.99 extra, a piece.

    If she doesn't have an iPhone, i don't know how it works, but I would think you are ok with the 2100 minute plan just adding on $39.99.
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    I will also be at the one across the street from target. I will probably head up there around 1am to see if anyone is there yet. So if anyway wants to join me then feel free to.
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    I'll be at the S Stratford store if anyone wants to join..plan on getting there at 6am or so (think that's early enough)? I've already talked to some people there and they have my pre-credit approval so I'm going to stick with them.

    :apple: Less than 32 hours now!
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    What are you guys bringing? I'm thinking of bringing my MBA and current 30gb iPod. Sadly idk if the MBA is worth bringing other than for a movie because it won't have internet access (can I tether my BB curve?)

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