Wintel help ... I am soo annoyed.

Discussion in 'Windows, Linux & Others on the Mac' started by MacTT, Mar 26, 2006.

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    Holy Moly.
    I have OpenOSXWintel and right now it is copying the files. (You know, the blue screen part.) Well, I started this at 6:15 and its now 8:07 and its only progressed 24%! I think I did something wrong in the beginning, " " When I tried to make this file, it never came up.
    So I decided to go ahead with the installation and forget that part. Well, when I got to this step.
    I did not put anything in the "DISK D" drive. and booted it anyways. Now its so frigging slow.
    I want to die. It's like 10% and hour! THAT'S 10 HOURS! LLOL.

    Has anyone else have success with this installation? Maybe your step by step process would make more sense than this ghetto stuff. Thanks so much! (Mac people are smart ;) )
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    Yup, you'll be stuck there for a LONG time. I used WinTel to do this before, and it took a little over 30 hours to complete the whole thing.

    The good news is Q has fixed the XP install problem. Q is free too. You can download the latest unstable Q build (which you need to install XP) at:

    Good luck!
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    So how does Q function? Is it like a replica of VPC? and Wintel?

    The site isn't really explaining it to me. :confused:
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    Currently it is a universal emulator. It's like VPC, but works with Intel macs. The virtualizer module is being worked out and it shouldnt be that long before a usable solution is available.

    WinTel bases it's "Dynamic Translation" off of Qemu, which is the underlyings of Q.

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    Ok I am installing Windows now on Q :) But I am stuck on this step.

    Tells me to select a partition. Use the NTFS <Quick>, FAT <Quick>, NTFS, or FAT. Which one... I remember Wintel telling me to use NTFS <Quick> but not too sure about Q.
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    I'm not sure it matters. NTFS quick worked fine for me before.

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    Quick questions for the gurus..

    Can I run a WinXP application in Q on an intel based Mac which requires internet access? (via LAN)

    Using the same application can I access a peripheral via USB?

    Thanks in advance...

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    With FAT, you can't have files over 4GB (so if you edit movies, or download huge files, that's out), but OS X can read/write to FAT. With NTFS, you can have the large files, but OS X can only read a NTFS file system, not write to it.
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    Internet works great in Q, but USB support is very very limited. It is unlikely your USB device will work.

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    Hi Steve,


    I have an application that syncs a work roster onto my Pocket PC via it's USB cradle.. Guess I'll have to find another way to get it to work!!!
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    I do too, you're using wintel.
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    Does anyone know how I can connect to the internet from WinXP (through Q.)
    I am using an ethernet cable. I have been trying this for so long. :confused:
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    You sure you enabled networking card in your Virtual PC's preferences?

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    yup. Did it in the beginning. :(
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    Best thing to do with WinTel is create a disk image.

    I've tried both the latest unstable build of Q and the WinTel latest version, and I must admit Q is the "better application", better UI by far. However, WinTel is faster and noticibly so. Looking at activity in CPU when they are both run the same disk image.... WinTel seems to make better use of Dual-Core than Q. In general WinTel runs at heavy periods with both cores very active, where as Q max'es out one, and leaves the other quiet.

    Keep both on your desktop, Q can read the WinTel disk-images, run the one that suits.

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    As things stand at the moment, WinTel is significantly faster than the current unstable Q build. This may be an entirely unfair point at which to test it, but there's clearly a big difference in speed.
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    WinTel running faster than Q does seem possible. WinTel bases it's engine off of Q's.

    Do you have benchmarks?

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    Wow, what a worthless piece of you know what.

    I purchased this based off of the video's that they have on their website. I configured and installed. Their site says it will take 30 minutes to install XP once you have imaged the install disk and created the hard drive image.

    BS! It took nearly four hours. I have a 1.83 MacBook Pro with 1.5 GB of ram, and it took forever, but it booted into Windows Xp like it should. I did not install anything, just a restart, and lets just say that their claim of a 30 second startup. No way, no how. It took over two minutes. So I shutdown and then attempted to launch the virtual machine. Nope. It will start to launch in the dock, then will not do anything.

    i emailed their support team, and waited a day with no response, so I decided to install it again. And I will be damned, but I got the same response. So, I have to say that this is worthless. Do not use it, buy it, download it. It is a waste of time. You will be better served with the dual boot option by

    BTW, it has been two days, and still no response from their support team.

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    Yeah, I'm not sure why you would purchase WinTel when Q is the same thing with more features. Their support is also terrible, as you have experienced.

    However, make sure you have Dynamic Translation (aka qemu) turned on in WinTel. The problem installing XP in Q or Dynamic Translation has been solved.

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    Yea, I did it exactly as they said to, but alas, it was a disaster. I have took it off the machine, and I am going to do the XP dual boot on the machine.

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