Wirecutter's Pick for Best iPhone 5 Case: The Switcheasy Tones

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    According to gadget review site The Wirecutter, the best iPhone 5 case at the moment is the Switcheasy Tones.

    After he left Gizmodo, longtime tech blogger Brian Lam decided to make a website to help people buy gadgets. It wouldn't focus on reviewing every possible product in a category, but would instead answer the question "Which one of these should I buy?". Now, The Wirecutter has named its pick for best iPhone 5 case.

    The Wirecutter had this to say in its extraordinarily detailed iPhone 5 case review:
    The Switcheasy Tones is available for $24.99 in seven color options through Switcheasy's website.

    Article Link: Wirecutter's Pick for Best iPhone 5 Case: The Switcheasy Tones
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    Been a longtime fan and user of SwitchEasy products. I feel like they don't get enough praise, always try to recommend them to everyone.
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    I have this case and love it!
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    The best case is the one Jonathan Ive designed.
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    Lovely! And it's not bulky like the Otterbox. This may be 1st iPhone 5 case
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    Would that be the one that isn't resistant to scratches and creates the need to house it in cases like this to prevent them? Genius design :D
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    Still going naked.
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    BJB Productions

    I'm a huge Switcheasy fan, but I personally kinda thought the Tones looked rather ugly. Just my impression. Though, I'm sure it's great protection.
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    It performs quite amazingly in drop tests, and cases usually end up causing more scuffs than they prevent.
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    The price is great, the case is simple and nice ... I would buy it if I had the new iPhone for sure.
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    I was happy with the InCase case I had for my 4 (I got it with the free case program) but have been enjoying going naked with my iPhone 5. I like the look and feel of the aluminum back. Haven't had any scratching problems with it. If so, I may change my mind. (And if so, the Tones case looks pretty good, IMO.) But I'm reasonably careful about not storing my phone in the same pocket with my keys.
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    I'm going all the way. Griffin survivor. I have kids and butterfingers you know...
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    I settled on the gear4 Thin Ice transparent case. It is really light and thin so doesn't make your iPhone feel too bulky a is reasonably priced. Really happy with it.
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    "yay its still perfect under the cover - i just never get to see it"
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    Ghost Armor for me. Not quite naked, but naked enough.
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    I've had a case on all of my previous iPhones. The original because of its value, the 3G and 3Gs to prevent a broken screen (this was of course back when this was becoming a big issue, and for the record, the 3G broke anyway), the 4 and 4S to protect the glass back and for antennagate, but I've been going naked with my 5. I would prefer to have a case for protection, but the phone is so thin that I don't want to add any bulk to it at all, and imo, this is by far the most beautiful iPhone design yet. I want to show it off, at least for the time being.

    A few nicks already around the edges, but no scratches on the back yet. I feel better knowing that I have AppleCare and can replace the phone for a small fee if I ever drop it and it sustains significant damage. Maybe I'll get a case when there are some more options I like, but for now I'm taking my chances and going naked!
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    "... and when I sell it, I'll get 10% more for it... minus the cost of the case of course... :eek: "
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    I'm waiting for the TwelveSouth BookBook, the one for the 4/4S was fantastic. Don't get me wrong, pretty expensive (especially internationally) but it's the best case I've ever had for any of my phones.
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    My favorite case right now is the Ballistic Smooth.
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    Eh, looks about the same as the Rocketfish case I got at Best Buy for the same price.
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    Sky Blue

    Who paid for this "news article"? Switcheasy or Wirecutter?
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    I use a skin. There are many out there. Zagg, WrapSol, XO, etc. The list is fairly extensive. I've used BSE - www.bestskinsever.com since the original iPhone and on my iPad and MacBook Air and find their product, application process, and most of all lower price better to the others. I only use the body version which wraps the band and back. I prefer to leave the screen free. The skin adds a little bit of extra grip which is nice. And gives me piece of mind against scratching. For those wanting something on the screen I suggest SGP Steinheil or PowerSupportUSA screen films which are slick and quite clear.
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    Camera Lense

    I agree with going naked. Been doing it with my iPhone 4 for almost 2 years now. I agree with the idea that the great design should stand by itself.

    That said, my camera is now totally scratched up because it is flush with the rest of the phone. I don't care about scratches on the back glass, but when all my photos are blurred because of scratches, I will seriously consider covering my next phone.

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