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Wireless energy lights bulb from seven feet away

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by Blue Velvet, Jun 7, 2007.

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    And perhaps one day they will...




    That's pretty cool and one day we might be able to do away with this:

  2. JNB
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    It's all a plot by the American Oncologists Society! :p

    I read about this sometime last year, and as cool and promising as it is, I think by the time it's commercially viable and easy to find in the home, I'll likely be worm food.

    But at least my iPhone won't buzz every time I turn on a lamp!
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    Didn't Tesla already do this?
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    I was going to post something about Tesla but thought much of what he did, although related, could almost warrant a thread of its own... the BBC article does point out that:

    Regardless, it's still pretty neat. :)
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    "Pretty neat?!" Sheesh. If just about everything I've ever needed to plug in could use this technology, I'd lessen the chances of my (or my cats) from slaughtering any electronics... forEVAR! :p Plus, since I'm such a slob, it'd help me w/ cable clutter at least. Teehee.
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    Tesla was able to transfer energy with the minimal loss and light up the bulb from the distance of 20km.

    Another 100 years and somebody will probably be able to understand Tesla's work.
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    Compare that with 40% for what these guys achieved, and it's all the more impressive.

    Any thoughts on how long it may take to reach even 80%?
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    Link to that?
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    Awesome! Imagine never having to plug your computer in! :eek: :cool: :)
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    I don't have English source but if anybody can read Serbian, here it is:


    Edit: A nice article that explains some of Tesla's work in wireless power transmission:


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    Actually, Serbian is one language with 2 alphabets, cyrillic and latin. There is one-to-one mapping. For example:

    N I K O L A T E S L A (latin alphabet)
    Н И К О Л А Т Е С Л А (cyrillic alphabet)

    Some symbols are same, so all you have to learn is about 20 new letters :)
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    Read this in the paper this morning. The article doesn't mention desktop computers, simply "laptops" which suggests to me that there won't be much power floating around the room. Which I'm cool with, I've seen maaaany more laptops with a higher power usage than my C2D iMacs :)

    Needless to say this is really great. I can't wait to see where we end up in the next few years. Steorn will be demonstrating their 400% effecient "perpetual energy" device next month, and now this wireless power.
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    Great, now all I have to do is learn Latin! :p :D :)
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    Thomas Veil

    It's been done. :D
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    Oh, is that all I have to do?

    Don't worry dmw007, I'll have the site translated by 4 pm tomorrow.
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    Reading this makes me think of the 80's sci-fi movie The Quiet Earth.

    If I remember correctly, the premise was that an apocalypse (or a dimensional shift into a parallel universe) was caused by a government plan to create an energy grid in the atmosphere. Disappeared everybody on the planet except those on the verge of death.

    Well, even if that isn't likely to happen, it's probably the easiest way to create a cancer cluster in your very own living room.

    Or is that my inner luddite speaking?
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    im not sure of the situation in the states from what i gather its totally different (excluding possibly california), but over here in england we're all 'Going green' or rather being forced to by supreme ruler blair and our numerous local gustapo offices (known as the town councils)
    with their enforced recycling collections...

    anyway... anything short of 100% energy transfer is not gonna fly over here, we've got a looming energy crisis because they've forgotten to build any new power plants, so basically this is gonna struggle to get government and subsequently public approval in this country.

    great idea though, to be truly wireless, wow!
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    MIT page

    I found an MIT page here:


    "It was probably the sixth time that month that I was awakened by my cell phone beeping to let me know that I had forgotten to charge it. It occurred to me that it would be so great if the thing took care of its own charging."

    Been there (the phone-not-charging part, of course, not the Eureka moment.)
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    This would be cool if energy became like wireless internet. You could have every device in a room hooked up to an energy 'station'.

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