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Wireless for my G4

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by OrangeSVTguy, Oct 26, 2007.

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    just looking for a wireless card (airport extreme? or either a USB or pci version) for my G4 i'm currently using a 500mhz DP with tiger 10.4.1 and was wondering what route i should go? i plan on using my 1.25 DP MDD soon as i get more memory for it(in the mail) i'd like to get the airport card but i don't konw which one i should get. i want to hook up to my wireless network with 802.11g speed. i checked this site's market place but can't find what i need. if anyone knows where i can get one or that has one for sale, i'd buy it. thanks for any help
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    Buffalo on Quicksilver

    I have a Quicksilver 2002 with a Buffalo wli2-pci-g54s card in it. It ran with no problem in tiger. I bought it on ebay for $20 shipped. Hope that helps.

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    thanks matt
    i did find this one on ebay "BUFFALO BROADCOM 54G 802.11B-G WIRELESS MINI PCI CARD" but that's a mini pci card? will that fit?
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    thanks again. this is the one i decided to go with > Here <. it's a usb type as i hope to buy a pci usb card with internal slots so i can put that in there and use the the internal antenna for the airport card. hope my plan works lol.

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