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Wireless Headphones?

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by dukeace2094, Jan 25, 2010.

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    got an email from a friend who is closely related to apple and he sent me this. im not going try and tell you its real but u never know... :apple:

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    I'd say this is Mr. Blurry Cam's greatest work.

    It's super easy to rip all the cables out of the crap headphones that come with the iPod.

    I bet these are fakes. I take that back, these are fakes.
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    The probability that Apple would be able to design wireless headphones that are as small as their current headphones is zero.
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    Those are real because wireless earbuds would need the plug for the headphone in port. :confused:
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    I wouldn't have believed it til I saw these. Yup, I'm a believer now.
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    I'm going with fake. Sure, there's no wires, and they are headphones, but without power they'll be pretty useless. Transmitters and receivers require power, and these have no room for batteries anywhere.
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    Inductive charging to go along with an inductive iTablet perhaps? lolz
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    That sounds like a brain tumor just waiting to happen. :p
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    No, these are legit. Just got off the phone with Steve. Only catch is that the charger is kinda cumbersome. But coming in at 1000w, it will only require an AC plug and four power cables soldered to the internal wiring of the headphones each time you'd like to charge them.

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    I think you mean he's "closely related to an apple".
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    Picture those in your ear. Case closed.
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    Not even worthy enough for April Fools' Day.
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    if there was any chance that these were infact real, the plug that goes in the iPod wouldn't have that thing sticking out of the end, it would be prettier, and possibly shinier, as it's made by Apple.
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    Like the iPod clock radio docks and such, I want a iPad Boom Box dock.

    Just plug the iPad into the boom box and instead blam it out audio woot woot.
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    wireless headphones suck. first they would get lost if they were not attacehed and second the reception in ny sucks, blue tooth is a virtual waste of time.
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    looks like someone cut up their old headphones. lol if jobs hated stylus because it was easy to lose, those aren't exactly hard to lose
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    Tell your buddy to send you another pic, but turn the lights off so we see if they glow in the dark.

    All BT headphones do...
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    *turns head to look at ear......keeps missing them*
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