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Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by chaseardoin7, Dec 8, 2008.

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    I'm having an issue with my MacBook Air on my friends wireless router in an apartment that I just moved in to. It is a Belkin N Wireless Router. The internet runs painfully slow. Takes about 1 minute to load a page, and sometimes it does not load at all. The internet and router work fine on my iPhone and another macbook. It just runs slow on my MacBook air. Anything in system preferences or anything I need to change?

    Anyones help is very much appreciated.

    chase :apple:
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    Having the same issue. My router is downstairs and I am on the 2nd floor. My brother's PC laptop works fine however I have trouble with the connection at times. My best bet is the aluminum enclosure messing with the signal. I ordered an Airport Express to extend the strength, hopefully that will fix it. Hope this helps.
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    i'm sitting right next to the router. have full signal strength.
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    For some reason I find the MBA's wireless/USB ethernet way SLOWER than my other Macs :eek:
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    NC MacGuy

    I have an Airport at work and home and they are just as fast on my Air as anything else. Also travel quite a bit and don't seem to have problems. Running Safari.

    Here's a connection speed test that helps me discern if my computer or connection is a problem for slow internet:

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    It was driving me crazy on my MBA with my airport express. No amount of restarting really seemed to help. The most recent safari update seems to have fixed it for me...though I don't know why it would have. But so far so good.
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    No problems here, maybe you need a new router?
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    MB works, iPhone works, MBA didn't -> new router? (Unless MBA somehow differently connects wirelessly in the software.)

    Although I'm far from understanding the problem since I use USB ethernet, but USB ethernet has been pulling out some over 65Mbit/s on real life speed for me.
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    I had this issue with a macbook, I never did figure it out, when I bought a new router, I never had it again, and on my MBA never had it.
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    I have a Belkin Wireless G router and I notice that my MBA lags in the middle of loading a page from time to time. I read in another forum that if you connect your iphone the router will degrade to those speeds. I'm still seeing occassional lags though when I reset my router and turn off my iphone wifi.

    I was wondering is this lag is partly the result of the of the slow HD in these MBAs.

    Is it worth it to upgrade to an airport extreme. The N speeds would be nice but I never had a problem with the speeds of my G Mimo with my PC.

    Any thoughts?
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    i have a d-link N router, same problem... sometimes pages take up time to load. i don't think this this HDD related. IMO, it's just the wireless card in the MBA is weaker or gets less reception due to the aluminum casing.
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    I had really slow performance with my MBA on my home router and clearly much faster performance at work. At home the MBA would be excruciatingly slow to get on the net and occasionally slow to load. I moved my home router to the top of my approved networks list and it finds the network much faster. It seems to load faster too but that may just be the relief that I don't spend 2-3 minutes waiting to find a network every time I wake the machine from sleep.
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    Well, I have had no major signal issues on rev B, and actually find the wifi strength quite good compared to a Sony.

    But I do admit that connecting to networks, especially those with encryption could be a heck of a lot better.
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    Well I upgraded from the Belkin G Mimo to an airport extreme. My MBA loads pages much faster now. Not sure if it's the router speed or just that it connect with another apple product much easier. In any case, the Airport Extreme was easy to set up and works perfectly!
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    I've got a Belkin N+ router and my speed results in my garage, detached from the house with Comcast Cable Hi-Speed Internet 16Mbps download (promised):


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