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Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by ginner, Jul 23, 2004.

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    Hello Macexperts,

    I'm hoping I'll soon be able to buy either a 12" powerbook or iBook (+airport extreme card) dependant on my budget and want to go wireless at home and at university. The base stations leave me baffled though so if you could possibly clear up a few questions to help me make a buying decision?

    Situation 1:

    At home I have a broadband (DSL) connection which is currently wired. The modem provided by ISP is a BTVoyager 100 USB and is connected to my current Samsung PC laptop via the USB port as it doesn't have an ethernet output. In the future I want to be able to use the Airport extreme card to have internet access for the Mac laptop throughout the house. I think therefore I'll have to change my modem, and possibly ISP to do so.

    Situation 2:

    When I'm away at university I have a wired networking point provided in my room, I wish to use this for wireless internet access and am thus tempted by the power over ethernet option. Would I be able to use the same base station at home with an optional power lead or is it an either/or decision?

    Where does Airport Express fit into all this, would it be a potential choice in either case.

    Cheers for your help,

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    For wireless access with an Airport (Extreme or Express) you'll need a different modem. Your ISP should be fine (I have a BT account). You can buy ethernet ADSL modems from a few places - some of which have wireless also built-in so might be cheaper than buying a modem and then the airport. I got mine from ADSLnation.co.uk - it arrived within 2 days and was easy to set up. An ethernet cable runs from that to my Airport Extreme. You'd do exactly the same with an Express.

    In your college environment, you'd do the same. Plug the cable from your wired connection into the Airport and you should be connected.

    Yes, the Express should work for both - with the benefit that it's very small to carry from one location to another and apparently can store settings for each. And you've got wireless USB printing should you want it - and Airtunes.
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    Chip NoVaMac

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    Also, don't forget that if you go with the PB, it comes pre-installed with an AE card. It's an extra $80 with the iBook.

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    Unless you get the 14" 1.2 combo, it comes with APX Card already installed! If you're a student check out terrasoft solutions. They offer 10% discount off of retail and no tax. The best deal I've found so far!
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    You'll not find any good deals this side of the pond, sir. Ginner will have to pay through the nose just like all the rest of us saps...
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    Cheers for the help people.

    Powerbook's my preference but it depends on whether I actually have the money or whether it's more important to do things like eat.

    I still don't know whether the power over ethernet will work at home and if I'll need a power lead.

    But is the concensus to get Airport Express or a third party modem and router?
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    au contraire
    just been through gatwick duty free Dixons and they have (and possibly other models in stock somewhere) a 17"pwerbook 1.5 etc for £1649.00, should be + vat but isnt. total. and cos im vat registered i will get a vat invoice and claim the vat off this amount as well and it will be approx£ 1380.00. I have double checked this again and it is correct. Suppose i will have to order one then next time i go to airport (3 weeks)
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    question fear

    third party is cheaper. dlink and linksys are known as playing well with macs.
    if you want to use the music streaming options then your best bet is airport express.

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