Wireless networks struggling to cope with smartphone & data ...

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Aug 2, 2009.

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    Rodimus Prime

    It is not because of the iPhone. Apple just had good timing on getting a smart phone right around the time they where taking off.

    The entire cell phone market is heading to the smart phone. It was already making that shift long before the iPhone came out. Apple just slapped its name on it. Before the iPhone the BlackJack was really taking off as one of the cheaper smart phones. Blackberry already had stuff firmly in place for it.

    Apple just had good timing.
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    Seriously? If you read the article it talked about how different data usage is on the iPhone versus other "smart phones" like the BlackBerry etc. They only use one IP session as the iPhone can use hundreds at a time. The iPhone ABSOLUTELY revolutionized the smart phone industry and to deny that is beyond idiotic. :rolleyes: Essentially every smart phone since the iPhone has tried to copy it to no avail along with the App Store and the entire industry, hardware and software, is still struggling to compete with it. The iPhone broadsided the entire industry even when predicted to fail by certain morons out there. You really need to wake up. I am not saying Apple invented everything or is perfect, but come on!!! Denial is not JUST a river in Egypt lol. :rolleyes:

    The iPhone started and is winning the TRUE mobile computing revolution PERIOD!
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    Rodimus Prime

    Apple fanboys blind to the truth.

    I read it but the iPhone did not change the world. Hell the iPhone set up is crap and over draws on the limited network.

    But this is an industry wide problem. iPhone is limited to only a small handful of companies and limited networks. Verizon is dealing with the problem, so is sprint and they do not have the iPhone.

    Apple just had really good timing and put the iPhone in just as smart phones were starting to take off. Apple time was good. But apple only added a problem that was going to hit soon any how as smart phones where already the next thing.
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    It is pretty widely accepted that the iPhone has changed the entire industry and NOT just by Apple fan boys which I am not. You have got to be in serious delusion to tell me the iPhone has not had an immense impact that would not have been the same without it! :rolleyes:
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    Rodimus Prime

    It is only accepted by people who do not really pay much attention. Only reason people think apple changed everything is because of the press. But reality is smart phones have been growing very rapidly long before the iPhone.

    I was seeing smart phone get more popular by the day long before the iPhone came out.

    If the iPhone did not come come out many things would still be the same as today in the network problems.
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    That is simply not true. Any industry expert or analyst has stated many times how the iPhone has impacted the entire industry. I'm not saying smart phones weren't growing or that networks didn't want to shift towards smart phones. That is obvious. But to deny any impact is delusional at best. And yes many things would be the same if the iPhone never came out. Same crappy phones, same crappy OSs, same crappy smart phone apps, and so on. I'm done with this now! You will obviously believe what you want. :rolleyes:
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    No quotes or info from either side of the argument then??

    I'd say even if the iPhone didn't start the smartphone revolution it certainly helped it along it's way. I don't think it's how much the iPhone has changed things but the smoothness in which it has.


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