Wireless Printing Apps for the iPhone

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Jan 26, 2009.

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    Wireless printing from the iPhone and iPod touch has been a frequent feature request from users, and a few apps intended to meet this need have started appearing in the App Store.

    HP iPrint Photo [App Store] supports printing of 4x6-inch photos directly to supported HP inkjet printers. The free application utilizes Bonjour to automatically locate compatible printers on your network.

    Print [App Store] requires a WePrint helper application installed on a laptop or desktop computer configured to print to the desired printer. Print ($2.99) supports manual configuration to allow the iPhone to print over cellular networks or non-local Wi-Fi networks, and allows printing of photos, web pages and contacts. An updated version, Print & Share, is on the way and claims to support printing of e-mails and files, although due to Apple's restrictions on interfacing with the built-in Mail application, e-mails must be accessed directly through Print & Share.

    Air Photo Wifi Printing [App Store] is a new entry into the field that also utilizes a helper application installed on a host computer to permit printing of photos from the iPhone. Air Photo ($1.99) supports auto-rotation of images, as well as cropping and scaling options.

    Article Link: Wireless Printing Apps for the iPhone
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    good news, the printing problems getting solved :) rock on :apple:
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    Wow the HP app is amazing. I have a fairly old HP printer plugged into my iMac, and I just touched the photo then pressed print, and it was done!
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    this is another one of those things that really needs to be done by apple. this will always be half-ass until it is integrated into the photo, email, notes and safari apps.
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    The HP printing app looks amazing. That would be perfect since I have all of my photos on my iPod and I have an HP printer.

    I have my HP printer set up to print through my Airport Extreme. Would that affect anything and would it be hard to set up?
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    Now we need support to print to "Zink" and I'm set!
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    works on my hp c6180!!
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    Good "copy and paste" just came out today but for jailbreak iphones only. Look it up my friend.
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    Very useful apps thanks,

    This will work great when you take pictures and want to print them off especially taking pictures of things such as documents posted in schools for study material, books from libraries...
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    Try an app called 'MMS' - works brilliantly.
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    Getting closer to real utility

    As others have stated, this would have best been implemented as part of the core functionality. But these are good steps towards real utility, and great proofs of concept.

    The next step is the ability to print attachments to email.
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    I just seen this and can't seem to find the app on itunes using my phone. is it still available?

    Never mind I was in Itunes... not the app store. got it now. Thanks
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    I can't seem to get this to work. what do I have to do?
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    My son got it working for me. yippee

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