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Wireless problems on ibook- my laptop is not recognizing my network

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by lilyp, Feb 22, 2009.

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    I have my pc and my mac set up through the same wireless router (linksys) and the pc works fine, but i can't get the mac to regularly recognize my network name, and even when it occasionally does, it says there is an error joining 'airport (my network name)'. I was on the phone with linksys tech support all morning resetting and working through everything and after 2 hours it still didn't work, so they suggested it was a mac problem. Who knows...it might be that they just couldn't figure it out, so are passing off the blame! Any experience with this problem or advice?
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    If you previously set it up so the passkey is saved in the Keychain app, go in there, and delete it. Then rejoin the network, re-enter your passkey, and check "store in keychain."

    That happened to me, and it seems the keychain file got corrupted or something, because it's been flawless since.
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    I deleted saved keychain, but unfortunately no luck.

    Maybe I am not rejoining network correctly? I went to "other network" in the list under the aiport, tried setting up my network name and password, and still an error message. Is this correct?
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    Did you select the correct type of encryption for the network? Also, some routers seem to be case sensitive with the passkey, so I always just use lower-case letters in my passkeys.

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