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wireless speakers

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by Heart Break Kid, May 19, 2003.

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    just wondering if they exist - sort of like wireless head phones i suppose. i guess if push came to shove i could always jsut stick the iRock into my powerbook and use some wireless headphones and tune it to the fm freq. but i was hoping for something a lil more classy.

    trying to keep with the wireless theme

    my system - 17" PB + 1 gig ram
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    Yes there are such things as wireless Speakers/Headphones. More likely headphones....they are actually like 100 CAD so its 66-75 bucks for a avg. set.

    iT comes with a reciever so you plug it into the plug and then you have to use these headphones.
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    Yeah they do exist. Go to Apple's website(store) and click on the speakers and audio accessories link. Kinda pricey for such a small speaker made by Sony but I guess since it's wireless, so it must be so.
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    Yeah my brother-in-law got a set of RCA's at Radio Shack. They sound nice and work very well. Same concept as a cordless phone or good cordless headphones. I think they are a 900Mhz transmitter and some of the higher priced ones might be 2.4Ghz now for a better range, not sure about that.


    If that link works it will give you an idea of what they look like. They look like pretty decent wood cased speakers, not little cheap computer ones.
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    Maybe some company will come out with some Bluetooth speakers, if they don't already exist.
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    i thought i was just dreaming up the idea and it was totaly wack


    thank god they exist - now to round off my totally portable mac setup
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    Just a quick comment about the iRock. It suxs bad. I tried to buy one because my car has just a CD/radio and wanted to use my laptop for a long trip. But the quality is horrible. You pay for shipping and you can have the d*mn thing.
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    not really all that useful. The range of bluetooth is very limited. I don't see any way in which bluetooth speakers would be superior to the ones already in existence.
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    I don't think range is the issue. The real limiting factor is bandwidth. Under real-world conditions, you could never stream CD-quality music over a bluetooth link. That may change with the next revision to bluetooth, but still, it was never designed for that sort of thing. Streaming over 802.11a/g makes a lot more sense.

    Just think... even your speakers will have an IP address one day.
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    mmm, walking around the house with a pair of apple branded headphones running ona an airpot network.. mmmmm

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