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wiring an ipod in a car

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by excalibur313, Apr 13, 2004.

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    So I'm looking at trying to hook up my ipod in my car. I'm getting a new stereo with audio ins so that i can run the mini plug on the ipod into the rcas in the back of the reciever. My question is whether i could somehow use the belkin car adaptor and plug in the mini into that (since it has an audio out mini located on the adaptor) and then have some sort of second cigarette lighter wired behind the dash so the only cable that comes out of the dash is the dock wire that would carry both power and audio....additionally the dock that comes with the ipod wouldn't be suitable b/c it funnels off the audio into that audio out on the dock itself so would there be another dock (sort of like a port replicator) that wouldn't do that?
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    You might want to wait a bit. Alpine will be coming out with some decks that have a dock connector built in around August/September.
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    you're right the problem is that the reciever they are using retails for over $500 and with the converter it will be far above that. I'm looking for something that costs a little less.
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    I was unaware that they released any pricing information. One would think they would have sent out an e-mail to those on the list for it. (like me:))
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    Did you see this article?

    Seems like it might be just what you're looking for.
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    The Alpine setup will run off of Ai-Net. All new alpine decks with Bass Engine have Ai-Net built into them. Which in turn means, you can get an Alpine deck for $280 with Bass Engine and then the new adapter, which allows your iPod to connect to it, for what i would say $150-$200. You now have an iPod in your car. No, it isn't out yet, but it will work. Its a lot better of a solution. But if you wanted to use some POS deck, as long as it has an aux. input you can do it. Just use the cable that converts the iPod headphone jack into two RCA cables, and connect it to the back of the deck. I like the Alpine set up better, because it allows you to control the iPod from the head unit. But, its your money, your car, and your iPod. Have fun.

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    Hmm you bring up a good point. I was planning on paying $140 for an alpine deck and the lowest end alpine with that ai-net runs at $200 (cda 9825)...i presume that would work. Do you have a link that has the specifics of the adaptor? Would it charge the battery as well as carry the sound?

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