With iCloud, can I remove music on computer to save room?

Discussion in 'iCloud and Apple Services' started by afjarboe, Jun 9, 2011.

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    I have one of the recent MacBook Airs with only 128g harddrive. Since I only listen to music via my iPhone, can I now remove the files from my MacBook Air assuming it was bought through iTunes? If I do, it'll remain on my iPhone and be available through the icloud if I ever want it back on the computer, right?

    Anyone see any problem with that?
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    Yeah trusting an other entity that they'll have sufficient back up procedures.

    Personally, I'd get an external drive to hold your music if space is an issue.
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    I currently do backup using time machine. But if I delete from iTunes to save space, it will eventually disappear from time machine too won't it? Since that mirrors your harddrive.
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    At this point if you bought it all from iTunes then I believe they just maintain a list of what you bought and they don't actually keep a copy of the music just for you. So assuming they do not loose your account history then I do not think you would loose your access. This would be the same for people who only have a iPad and no computer. In my case I have all of my music on all of my devices because I don't have that much. It was all purchased from iTunes.
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    Just read somewhere that if they do not have a license to deliver your particular song via iCloud then it would not be there. Not sure of the details of this so you may want to be ware. Another option i guess would be to have one of the iPods (maybe a classic) where you keep a copy of everything. Just a thought. Or just a special backup drive for music that is not part of Time Machine.
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    It certainly sounds like you should be able to delete purchases and download them again later.

    However, I still have some 128kbps iTunes Purchased music that is no longer available on iTunes (and so I cannot upgrade to 256kbps). One of my MANY unanswered questions about the new iCloud service is - what happens with content like this that's been removed?

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