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With over 3400 signatures, when will Apple Listen?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by engelb15, Jun 12, 2003.

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    Apple is not a company really known for worrying about what its users think. This has been the case more and more for the last 2 years. Customer service levels have taken a dive, right with hardware reliability.

    OTOH, an attacking tone such as that petition is NOT the way to gain respect, or a change on Apple's part.

    Just because there is new software for new hardware does not imply that the new software is also for the old hardware. Apple is not the only company to follow this philosophy...
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    Sun Baked

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    Just to clarify, I did not write this petition, I do support it.

    I would say that the only thing I disagree with in the petition is calling the old iPod obsolete. But the only reason the old iPods got the latest firmware release it to gain more potential iTunes Store customers.

    I just feel like apple is saying "you dont tell us what features you want, we do! Now go away little man"
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    I just feel like apple is saying "you dont tell us what features you want, we do! Now go away little man" = FORCED UPGRADE PATH

    As I said before... not unusual.
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    Re: With over 3400 signatures, when will Apple Listen?

    Apple will not kick you off of their discussion forums for a single violation. If they deleted the psot, then its the right thing. it was after all a violation of the TOS there (and it can get pretty miserable there when the TOS is not enforced). if they suspended your user name there, you must have done a lot to piss them off. I'm a helper there and kind of see what goes on with deleted threads a lot of the time, as well as the rare instances where someone is actually banned.

    As for the petition, I think its pretty silly. Maybe some of the features they want just can't be put in the old iPods easily for some reason. Maybe the architecture is different enough between the new and the old that they couldn't just release the firmware update for it, they'd have to write it all again from scratch. I don't know if its true or not, but its always possible, and why should an old version fo a product be upgraded to everything the newest version can do. I mean, apple does run a business. thats not bad customer service, thats the reality of being a consumer. If people don't like the features of the iPod, then buy a competitor product that offers what you want. Apple will respond to lost sales, not silly petitions.
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    my own petition

    yzedf's av/icon just made me think. . .

    I sure wish sony would upgrade the firmware on the obsolete Playstation so that I could play Final Fantasy X on it. I think I'm gonna start a petition. . .

    I'm not trying to be rude but I think both sound equally ridiculous.
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    They won't

    Starmen.net sent a peitition that garnered over THRITY THOUSAND signatures to Nintendo to get them to release Mother 3 (sequel to the SNES game EarthBound) in the United States. They didn't listen. Apple won't listen to anything with just a tenth of that.
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    Stupid petitions, dont even waste your time, nobody cares, as mentioned above they cant keep it with the latest and greatest forever. its the same as if i were to start b***ing that my mac plus wont run osx.

    you see, hardware gets out of date. its not the end of the worrld if you miss out on two games, and some other little things.

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    One thing you have to understand is that Apple is a company like any other, trying to make money. When non-education customers wanted to buy eMacs, Apple listened. They stood to make money, so it would have been stupid not to. When people wanted free or cheap e-mail addresses instead of having to pay $100 for .Mac, Apple didn't listen. Even though they stood to possibly make a little money, but lose more, they weighed the good and bad and decided on an all or nothing approach.

    So basically, they're gonna do what they're gonna do.

    Couldn't hurt to try though.
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    just my opinion, but...

    i would hardly call the first generations "obsolete" they still serve their pupose fine, and some people prefer the older iPods anyway. sony sells two versions of a stereo. one has 5.1surround and the other has 6.1surround and streaming media support, does that mean that the old one is obsolete? no, it means that one has more (in addition to) features... quit whining and buy a rio or something if it's that bad for you, and call their customer support and see how you like that. (and yes i realize that sony sells more than two stereos, i am just trying to make my point) I can't believe the whining.


    sorry, had to vent
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    Online petitions are worthless

    Petitions in general are worthless. There is limited accountability. Even in a 'real' petition, a certain margin of error is expected. No one has the time to verify that each signature is a valid registered votor in the state of blah blah. But they do run spot cheks, and make the 'required' counts high to get a feel.
    So, if for example, you needed 50,000 signatures to get a ballot initiative, they would figure 30,000 are legit. What they really want, is a large percentage of the population atlarge to show interest. In many cases its at least 35% and up to 60%.
    Online petitions are even weaker. Worse yet, I am not sure of ANY online petition that can prove its been succesful at much more than some publicity.
    To the specific issue at hand.
    You buy technology for what it does the day you buy it. If it worked when yo bought it, then you are happy. Time passes. If suddenly your product has been repalced and updated and does not take advantage of new features then that is progress. As long as it still has the same functionality it had when you purchased it, you are all set.
    I have a 1999 car. The 2003 is MUCH nicer and better. Do I have a legitimate gripe? Nope. I also bought an SE when they came out. When the SE/30 was released, I would have killed to get one, but that is progress. No one petitioned Apple to upgrade all the SE's to SE/30 status.
    The original iPods are excellent. They NEW ones are also excellent. The have a different firmware, and that is the way it is. Due to technical reasons, sales reasons or just stubborness does snot matter. Your old iPod works with AAC and iTMS jsut fine.
    Progress is not stopped and 2 years from now your current iPod will be obsolete and not upgradable.
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    "If Apple continues to treat customers so poorly, I have no intention of ever purchasing another Apple product again."

    I could see how this line could get you banned, bashing customer service and proclaiming a boycott is a little much in my opinion. I think this pitition is jumping the gun and making assumptions.

    Give Apple a little time, to me it looks like they are trying to give their new iPod owners an advantage temporarily so they can sell more. I mean if the old 20 GB dropped to $269 (reported by ipodlounge) from $499 and had all the same functions as a new iPod which one would you buy if you had the choice?

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    Things aren't exactly a whole lot better in the PC world. Asus has an nVidia2 motherboard that was just updated. Rev. 1 mobos can't be upgraded to the new Rev. 2 firmware. Just the way it is sometimes.

    That's progress for ya'.

    Darn companies always making things better and faster and cheaper (sometimes).
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    i can't run final cut pro 4 on my beige g3?? what's up with that??


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    oh, and to answer your question,


    (with over 3400 signatures, will apple listen??)

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    Re: With over 3400 signatures, when will Apple Listen?


    You and the other 3400 + people need to get a grip. For Apple to not upgrade your old ipod to the features of the new ones is alright. You bought your ipod with the features it has. I'm pretty sure you were happy with it too. So basically, you can't do a few things we owners of the new ipod can. Add on songs on the go, adjustable menu and a few games.

    You can still put music on your ipod can't you? You can still listen to those songs can't you? Can't you do all the things you've always been able to? While the new features are nice, they're not a make or break thing either. Obviously there not that big of deal or you'd sell your current ipod and go get one of the new ones.

    Relax, things will be alright. Just keep playing your ipod like you always have. You were happy then, be happy now.

    One more thing: Be thankful you don't have clicks in between tracks like new owners do.
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    hmmmm, the technology dilema. everytime i want to buy something i think to myself "hmmmm, if i wait a lil longer i could get something a bit more hooked up"

    right now i'm contemplating getting a 30 gb ipod, but i keep thinking to myself "if i wait 6 more months they'll probably be super hooked-up"

    i think i'm settling and buying now, which means when they next gen ipods come out, i won't have all the features of them...... well, thats life
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    the new iPod features will not be put into the old ones for 2 reasons.
    1)the hardware might not be able to take it
    2)it is just another selling pint for the new ones.

    also, regarding the actual online petition, i don't take those seriously. all of those online signatures mean nothing. ermailin them will do nothing. if you want it, call up steve jobs, and demand that he put those fetaures in the new one.

    that's the nly way to get those fetaurs n the old ones.
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    blah, blah blah. Try this on for size. Lexus one year has a car on sale, very very nice model, costs a good deal of money, very luxurious and high-tech. So Joe Blow goes and buys one, and it does everything it was sold to do. But then, not six months but 1 month later, Lexus releases a newer car, and it's redesigned, it even has an LCD panel integrated. So Joe goes around, annoying people with his petition that Lexus send him an LCD, so his car isn't 'obsolete' (it still functions perfectly, btw). Nevermind the fact that it was never sold to include one... It just should.


    i think joe is just a little jealous...

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    #1. This is called progression of technology. You people sound so whiney. Your iPod does what it was advertised to do.

    1 year ago someone bought an 800mhz iMac, should they write a petition for apple to upgrade it to 1ghz for them? No.

    Should I petition Pioneer to make my VCR play dvds? No.

    #2. How do you know what apple is doing. Why are you wasting your time with this when you dont know what theyre doing. how do you know that they arent working on some sort of upgrade for the older ones? YOU DONT.

    You people b itch and moan because apple hasnt released an update for the ipod, then they do and now you b itch because they wont update the old one?

    Get a grip.
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    this has been apple's business model for years. They rely on mac faithful to buy new machines at high margins. That includes the iPod.

    right now it's take it or leave it. Umm, that's what the whole clone market thing was about. if you can go out and buy a clone, or a motherboard, you won't buy a new machine.

    There's nothing you can do except hope Apple changes it's business model.

    You're right, it sucks. It's not customer friendly, it's shareholder friendly. But it's always been that way.

    that's why I'm not upgrading my ipod. cost too much, for minimal upgrade. I'll wait for more bang for the buck, or till there's a competitor that gives me more bang for the buck. Lucky for Apple iTunes only works with iPod, but that may change when iTunes for windows is released.
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    Its not your points that I'm disagreeing with. But the fact is that nobody reads the name on petitions, and nobody cares for petitions. Has anybody ever changed their mind after a petition? Its like the protests at my school about the war on Iraq. Is anybody going to stop the war because you choose to sleep in the student centre each night instead of your own beds? Haha, WOW!!........you "got" them. You got them gooooood. :p
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    okay you went too far, petitions and protests are not the same. One is passive one is active.
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    The only petition I would sign is the Audio upgrade.

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