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Wohoo...hit 500 :)

Discussion in 'Distributed Computing' started by LordMord, Jul 21, 2003.

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    well...I'm no folding giant but I am doing my bit...

    Beers on me at the Bar!!! (except for that guy who dosen't drink beer - you get a lemonade!)

    Peace :D :D :p :D :cool:
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    Congratulations :)
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    Oh... I thought you meant posts :).
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    looks at ranking:


    Your gonna pass me! :arg:

    We atleast its good to have people with a good deal of CPU power to pass you, its helping the team (just not my ranking)
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    Re: Wohoo...hit 500 :)

    If you meant me, than I'll happily oblige you :).

    Otherwise, I'll take one of them lemonades as well :).

    (woa, when did I become southern :p)
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    well, its a team effort for the good of...well you get the idea...

    Fresh outa Lemonades man...u just gonna have to have the Cosmopolitan :D
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    yeah IT COULD be you...

    just step up to the bar and ill make you a sepcial! ull never go back trust me! :D :D :p
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    Re: berti...

    Acctually, even though I don't like beer, I like a Mint Julip every once in awhile...

    looks at Arn's new post

    ...while I am perusing through my folding stats. :p
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    Where are the better stats located for folding? I'll I can find is the simple user stats and the team stats. How can you tell how long it will be before you pass someone? Thanks
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    go to their folding page (link on far left).

    very nice site.
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    Re: Am I going mad?

    On MacNN, click on the individual position number within the team to see the MacNN individual statistics and click on the name to see Stanford's.
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    Capt Underpants

    Congrats on the 500. I just joined the team and got to folding yesterday, and I am working on my first WU.
  16. pEZ
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    Welcome to the team - what are you folding on?
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    Me too

    I guess I passed 500 while I was on vacation this weekend. Not bad considering that I started on July 14. However, I think it is time to kick things into a higher gear. Better watch out for me.

    Now where did I put that G4
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    Good news for everyone. :)

    And welcome to the team. :p
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    Not that anyone asked me

    I am folding on

    Dual G4 1.25 GHz
    Dual P3 700 MHz
    P3 550 MHz

    and am waiting for my Dual G5.
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    it's an unasked question, but always happily welcomed.

    nice set of comps you got there. I have a dual 700MHz xeon myself :)
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    Are xeons and P3s the same, I thought a xeon was just a modified P4
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    just the smp version of a pentium in general. there are P3 xeons...

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