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Woman Fails Driving Test for 771st Time

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by darklyt, Feb 5, 2009.

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    Let the jokes commence.

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    Perhaps she should get a tricycle?

    She'll probably make a segway explode or flip over in a bicycle.
    Don't want her anywhere near a vehicle.
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    She hasn't even got as far as a car yet; she's still stuck on her theory test, though she must know the questions by heart!
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    "Damn it Gramma -- I told you we were done with this..."
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    So at her rate she is taking the test about once every other day. That's insane!
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    I'm not saying, I'm just saying..
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    They need to put a limit on this.
    With failing at 771 times it makes me think she's purposely failing the test.
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    I'll say it.

    *clears throat*

    Women cannot drive.
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    Is this the real life Spongebob?
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    I think she fails at the question What do you do when 2 cars stop at a 4-way stop sign at the same time? And her reply is " I don't know, I can't see over the steering wheel to see the other car". And, When is the appropriate time to use your turn signal? "I just leave it on" :D
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    That's exactly what I thought when I saw this thread.
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    How is that even possible? There surely isn't an infinite amount of answers!

    If thats what she is like on the theory, then please no-one let her near a car!

    Not that expensive though. Here, the theory is £30 and the practical £50, with a bit of luck i'll pass mine first time next week:D
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    I wonder if the test is maybe harder in Korea. Here is California there is a thin booklet and you can read it while standing in line to take the test. If you do that you will likely pass 100% as the questions are pretty easy, Like they show a picture of an octagon shaped sign with the word "STOP" printed on it and ask you if it is (a) A yield sign, (b) no parking or (3) a stop sign. They don't quite get to the point of asking you "how many beers in a six pack" but it comes close.

    Also here in CA, you have the opion to take the test in any of about 100 languages
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    There are exactly 772 possible combinations of answers... Next time for sure...

    If that's on the theory it's going to easily be another 1500 tries when she gets to the car to just get the thing started.
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    Thomas Veil

    No kidding.

    God forbid she should ever "hit the jackpot" and pass this test just once. She's already demonstrated 771x over that she's not, and never will be, competent to drive.
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    Actually, in CA the first-attempt fail rate on the English version of the written knowledge test is about 50% for original license applicants and about 40% for renewal license applicants. For the Spanish version, the fail rates is up around 80% for both originals and renewals. So the test is not that easy. Granted, many people don't study the handbook before taking the test, but most do and the fail rates are still high. Psychometric evaluations of the tests have found them to be highly reliable and otherwise of good quality as a testing instrument.

    There are currently 36 language translations of the written test. The tests are also given via audio-tape for those with limited reading ability.
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    At least she didn't fail 771 times on the road test. ;)
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    I am puzzled.

    This seems to be like her hobby.

    I am wondering if she gets any tuition, if she is able to read the questions, or is just answering them at random.

    The theory test is the most boring part.

    BTW I am currently learning to drive but I crash the UK driving licence computer every time I try to book a driving test. I have a full motorcycle licence so I have no need to take the theory test.

    But cos I passed the motorbike test over 15 years ago, before there was a theory test, there's no record of me passing the theory test. (I think bikers have to take the theory test now too) So the computer checks on that, can't find the date, and crashes :confused:

    I have to ring the DVLA (licence authorities) direct and explain the situation every time I book a driving test (had to cancel test twice due to kids). I'm special :D
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    Thank you!
    Haven't laughed so much in quite a while.

    I'd take it as a very broad hint. ;)
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    Thomas Veil

    That was hilarious. I especially like the woman who was so clueless she had to have somebody else park the car for her.

    What the heck were those things embedded in the ground? Some sort of toll system? I've never seen that before.
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    Haha, that 2nd lady who couldn't park was a complete mess. :p
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    Nah, people are just stupid. And I mean it... if you put any effort at all into studying (that is, like was said, read through the pamphlet once and have some common sense about driving) it's not hard. If they can't pass that test, I don't want them out on the road with me.

    I don't know what it's like in Korea, though. I wouldn't surprised if it were a bit more challenging, though 771 times?! You'd think someone would have just told her "no" at some point. Clearly not enough mental capacity or something.
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    The point I was trying to make is that the test is not easy if you don't study the handbook first. But even with study, the fail rates on the second and third attempts don't come down--they are still up about 40-50% on each subsequent try for those taking it in English and around 70-80% for those taking a Spanish version. Having said that, there is research showing that those who spend more time studying the handbook tend to do better on the test than those who spend less time studying. While not a randomly controlled study, this research does suggest that the test has validity vis a vis knowledge of subject matter in the driver handbook.

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