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Woman Gives Self C-Section With Knife

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by wdlove, Apr 9, 2004.

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    :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:
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    what would she use? A spork?
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    That was extremely brave of her. I can't imagine cutting myself up on purpose. The thought makes my stomach turn. Of course, if her stomach turned as well, it would of probably leaked out, making this story even more miraculous.
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    I agree that she is a very heroic woman. A farmer has has to learn independence. They learn a lot of skills to survive. She had already lost one child. Her adrenaline was pumping so that allowed her to be successful at saving herself and the baby. She would make a great nurse.
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    kind of puts things in perspective when you bitch about waiting 20 minutes to see a doctor, some people are 8 hours away from lifesaving care. The report I read said she did it with a steak knife, btw. I can, perhaps, imagine cutting my skin if necessary, but in this case she would have had to cut through about 8 layers of dermis and muscle (and uterus)... that she survived is a testament to human resilience.

    Also kind of makes me hate that woman more that refused a C-section for cosmetic reasons, killing the baby. While there's a lot to be said for how society looks at C-section scars, it's inexcusable.

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    Living in Utah, this was all over the news. Granted, what she did wasn't right but I think it was done due to her being mentally challenged and loaded with Cocaine rather than her vanity. It was probably the case of the Media getting whiff of the vanity part, spreading it all over the news and then giving lack of coverage to the fact she had major psychological problems and chemical dependency.
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    That's just amazing. As said already, the sheer fact that she was able to do that to herself AND survive is unimaginable.
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    and its amazing that the baby survived. without her cutting right through it.
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    Yeah geez that incredible.

    I could never do such a thing to myself, I'd probably hit my stomach and kill myself... or worse.
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    I'm confident that if an emergency occurred, you could do something similar. If your adrenalin gets pumping, super human accomplishments are possible! ;)
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    I was impressed by the hiker that cut off his own limb to free himself from a boulder (although thought he was maybe a bit hasty). But, while I can't imagine doing that to myself, at least that is just a close your eyes and hack away type operation. This woman had to be somewhat careful and delicate to do this, which seems to be another level of dealing with pain, etc. Although if she had been trying to deliver the baby for a long time perhaps her pain receptors had all been saturated and desensitized.
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    You beat me to it. If she was in labor trying to get that kid out for any length of time that it would have taken to make it apparent that it wasn't going to happen naturally, I'm quite sure pain had long since ceased to be the major consideration. I'm thinking "please, God, make it stop" would be more the relevant thought, and the knowledge that if something wasn't done, she'd lose the child.

    Still: give that lady credit for honorary testicular (ovarian?) fortitude of platinum proportions. :cool: :eek:
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    This reminds me of the guy who circumcised himself. Except faster, and probably less thought went into this, seems like more of an emergency reaction.
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    just when i thought humanity had lost itself...

    **** yeah lady! now that's what should happen in our most desperate hours.

    what most people would have done: bitch and whine; bitch and whine... dead. ****ing people.

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    I'm skeptical of the details of this story. A woman spends a long time trying to give birth to a baby, C-sections herself and THEN calls the nurse to help her clean up? Riiiiiiight. I'm willing to bet the nurse was called a lot sooner and performed the C-section, but because she could get in trouble for doing a doctor's work, the mother agreed to cover for her.
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    Yeah, you don't hear much about emergency circumcisions.
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    what if you are suddenly converted to judaism?
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    Ages and ages ago there was this absolutely tiny woman on the news for saving her baby, it turned out that a car with it's handbrake off was rolling onto the baby's carrier, trapping it. She lifted the back of the car and kicked the carrier out of the way.

    Which is a feat in itself, but when you saw her, she was tiny!

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    It's unlikely. This was in the scientific press before the mass media picked it up -- the authors of the journal article would have their careers go completely down the drain if it was found out the "facts" were fudged -- whether they had fudged them themselves or simply failed to notice the women had. Not like news journalism, where making up your "facts" gets you on the talk shows and bestseller circuit.
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    Well that does lend some credence to the story, but on the surface it just doesn't make sense to me. Why—why—would you call the nearby nurse only after performing the C-section on yourself?
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    That's just amazing. Talk about a tough cookie. I can't even imagine having to go through with something like that. She should get some kind of award, but I suspect being alive and having a healthy baby is enough to make her happy.
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    I wondered about that! Haven't been able to find out yet, though -- it's immensely frustrating that the journal article is behind a pay-for-subscription site. But since the area was so remote as to have no electricity or running water, I suspect "calling" the nurse may have meant more "fetching" the nurse than "picking up the telephone", or the nurse may simply not have been available when they first called. Also, she'd had several children before and women have delivered babies without medical professionals for millenia, so she may not have seen any need for the nurse until the problem was undeniable -- by which point I doubt she'd have wanted to risk the child's life by waiting for the nurse to arrive. Again, rural, probably no ambulances arriving within minutes, and I doubt the nurse was carrying a beeper 24 hours a day. There are lots of _possible_ explanations -- but I'd still like to hear the official one!
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    a woman like that makes even the toughest man look like a wimp.

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